Monday, 31 March 2014

Noah the film


It's Movie Time!
One of my favourite times..

Last night I went and saw 'Noah'.  The story is about a 'man chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world'.

If you don't know the story of Noahs Arc then the short version is that God was angry at men and all the destruction they had caused, he decided to cleanse the world in a great flood and chose one man and his family to help take care of his plans.  Noah, a descendant of faithful men lived a life dedicated to God the Creator and understood what he had to do to maintain faith and with the help of his family he created the arc.  

The movie was filmed beautifully and the visual effects were pretty stunning.  The movie told the original story respectfully but definitely added in a few bits in the story for entertainment purposes ( i gather).  There was action, love and a few witty moments and the acting was pretty amazing (in my opinion).  In the theater the audience was quite different people who new the story and people who didn't.  I don't think you need to believe in the story to enjoy it or take something away from it.  The over arching (pardon the pun) theme of the story was love conquers all and to not give up faith, an idea that we can all relate to in our own ways (religious or not). Whether you know the story or not, the movie is def worth a look.

Click the picture above to see the trailer.

What are some of the recent movies you have watched?  I would love to know.  I'm looking forward to "The other Woman".

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

This weeks loves


Wow, this month sure has had it ups and downs but the one consistent for me has been my makeup routine! Odd to put so much into a look? I don't think so.  

For me creating a look, no matter how simple it is, is an act of art and creativity.  I lay out my tools and start thinking of the possibilities.  Usually for work I keep it to a minimal, maybe some eyeliner and light sweeping of shadow over the lid and that's it I'm done but this week I have been enjoying mixing it up a little, even doing a full face.  A little crease action here, a small wing there and a dash of smokey, sultriness for good measure.

Hourglass- mood exposure, Chanel vitalumiere aqua - B20, Too Faced - LashGasm mascara, Nars - Casino
To create these looks I have been using the Tarte Be MATTEnificent Amazonian Eye & Cheek Palette.  This palette contains six eyeshadows, two eyeshadow/liners, one blush (love!) and a small double ended brush (great if your in a pinch or when touching up).  The shadows are soft to the touch and kick up a little powder but pack quite a decent amount of colour.  You’ll want to use softer brushes and a light touch when you go to pick up the product to apply to the lid. I recommend patting the colour on, then blending, to minimise excess powder falling underneath the lid.  I use my M.A.C paint pot in painterly to ensure these shadows show true to colour, as well as enhance their already impressive wear time.  This formula (like most Tarte products) lasts all day, after 7-9 hours of wear they still look pretty and the crease colour is still showing strong, which is impressive because I have slightly oily lids and work predominately outdoors.

What is more, they blend beautifully and although the colour's aren't hugely different in hue, it is a nice neutral palette that’s not too warm or too cool-toned.


These colours really draw on the Pantone colour of the year and I have had fun paring this palette with some of my other favourties of the last few weeks.  They're all similar in colour and compliment each other really well.  I have been going for a light to medium coverage for my base (which is my preferred coverage), warmed complexion and radiant orchid/purple tones for the rest of the face. Stunning!  

Keeping in mind I am in autumn I am still really gravitating toward a more dewey, simple look.  I have been loving the fresh faced, bright eyed look this palette can create. There's something refreshing about having a bright spring like lid and slightly smokey crease on a cool crisp morning.

M.A.C's syrup, one of my newest additions to the collection  and it really finishes the whole look, such a perfect shade.  It is described as a sheer medium pink with mauve undertones, making it the perfect day to night shade!

I cant wait to start to bring in some more warmer, deeper tones into my look but for now I'm happy clinging onto the last few moments of sun before the cold and rain really starts to kick in!

I would love to know what have been some of your favourite products over the month?

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dreaded First Post


Okay, the dreaded first post... lets get this sucker out of the way, so I can finally get some clarity and discuss what I’m planning to achieve with starting this blog.

First a little history: Originally from a little 'ol city in Wellywood, New Zealand.  In 2013 I moved to another city in NZ and a somewhat shaky one at that.  I moved out of necessity it was time for a change - not only with regards to my job (current) but also a new place to live.  So I packed my bag (1 suit case is all I needed and few other essentials, such as my Buffy collection and some cherished photos) and off I went on a new chapter in my life, ready to take on the world!

Okay, maybe not take over the world, but I’m certainly ready to have a more positive outlook on life and enjoy things a lot more. Being 26 years old and my first time really away from my family has been a little bit challenging but that's what Skype is for right?!  And in all honesty moving to a different island hasn't really been as big of a deal as I originally thought.  

Moving islands did however, change one thing in my life...... makeup, might sound silly to some, but I have always been a wallflower (still am really), nothing special and hey, that's a-ok with me but I wanted to find a new creative outlet.  An outlet that didn't require expensive paints, canvases, brushes etc (or so i thought) but something a little different and new.  Makeup was something that I didn't really understand and having no friends in a new city it quickly became something that I lost myself in.  YouTube became something that I watched daily and I soon became excited by the new techniques and product being introduced to me by this fantastic website. 

"So why not give it a go?..." I thought to myself.  I saved up for my first ever M.A.C products and "BAM!" the obsession (dear I say it) began, hahaha!  
I also had a few people suggest (badger maybe haha) that I should do something with my collection, so yeah, here I go.

I just want to start a blog about my general thoughts, cosmetics, crafts and anything else that pops into my mind. Oh and also, I am little new with all this and everything that this blog involves so try to understand.xx

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