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Brows are an incredibly personal thing when it comes to makeup and lately I have been deciding how most like my brows.  In general I like to sport a fuller brow more natural brow, but don't get mo wrong its not like I have two caterpillars chillin' on my forehead.  I just like to have my eyebrows to be shaped naturally, I find this to frame my face nicely and just suits my overall preference. I get my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks, might seem pretty frequent but it I like them to be groomed and I really like the finish treading gives.  

When it comes to makeup or my 'eyebrow routine' (not that I really have one) I don't like using brow gels/mascaras.  I prefer powders and wax pencils.  I find wax type products give me the best hold and soft , structured brow I'm looking for, I also find them convenient and easy to use.

Oldies but goodies...

Elf eyebrow kit - Medium and Maybelline Mastershape - Softbrown

These were the first brow products I ever used.  I found them to be easy to use and provided me with a great tool to get used to the idea of 'filling in' my brows and matched my hair/brow colour perfectly.  I love -the convenience of the Mastershape, it has a built in spooly and holds the brow well.  One pet- peeve I have with this brow pencil is the sharpening.  Its the hardest thing to sharpen and never really gets a nice point (in my experience).  The Elf browkit, is pretty stock standard and is loved by many for a good reason.  It has a nice light powder to run though the brows and a really nice wax for shaping.  I like this kit but it hasn't seen much love lately but is something I always keep in my collection, not only does this last for a very long time it is also great if your in a super time crunch, just get some of the wax on your finger, run it over your brows a couple of times and you should be good to go.
Current favourites...

Sleek Brow Sytlist - Medium and Urban Decay Basics
Sleek brow stylist:  This is my new love when it comes to brows and is very reminiscent of the Brow Architect by Hourglass (I have owned this and loved it!), maybe even a dupe when considering price etc.  Just like the Hourglass Architect, the Eyebrow Stylist  has the 2-in-1 function, one side you'll find a generous brush (not as good as the Mastershape), and on the other side waxy eyebrow pencil. It has a nice triangular shape allowing you to really control the tail end of the brow and then fill in the the head of the brow.  Because of the tapered aspect of the pencil you can also make little strokes mimicking hairs if you are aiming to change the shape of your brow.  I do prefer the Hourglass but this has been a gem and definitely worth trying out, especially if your into subtle natural looking brow.

Lest get up close and personal 
As you can see I don't need all that much to shape my brows but the Stylist gives me definition, hold and lift
When it comes to the Basics palette it really has it all.  I like to use Faint through the tail and most of the head of the brow and then use a little of naked 2 in the front of the brow to soften and give a slight fade, I then use a spooly and comb through the brows.  After that I like to use foxy to highlight.

As I mentioned brows are personal, at the moment I'm just having fun with my brows trying new products and letting them be a little more natural and little less 'perfect'.  I don't use concealer to make them polished and haven't branched out to pomade and the likes (not that I wont in the future) and try to keep this aspect of my makeup a little more soft.

How do you wear your brows?  I would love to know your favourite products... I am interested in trying out Gimme Brow, have you used this?

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