Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara


Recently I picked up Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara.  Naturally I have long lashes with a slight curl, so when I go shopping for mascara I look for one thing, length as I like to exaggerate the length of my lashes rather than create fullness.  I have to say that I was originally drawn to this mascara not because of its amazing claims and what it could do for my lashes but for the packaging (haha).  To be honest I hadn't heard much about this mascara until I went and talked to the sales assistant.  She told me it was perfect for adding volume to the lashes  I thought this would be a wonderful addition to my eye makeup collection.  I think this mascara adds great length and some separation, while still looking somewhat natural.

Lancome claims that this mascara will enhance the lashes with a liner effect, looking thick at the lashline, long and luscious through the tips.  I'm not so sure about the liner effect but I do find the rest of the claims pretty true.  Although, I'm not sure luscious is a good description of the lash effect as Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara isn't meant to be geared at adding volume/fullness but length.  

A unique aspect of the mascara isn't necessary the formula but the brush.  It is a dual-sided brush that helps to extend the lash and create that nice long flick.  I love the tapered tip of the wand as it allows me to reach all my lashes to the very inner corner and the outer corner.  I do find that thicker brushes tend be a little clumsy and miss some of the outer lashes but this brush coats all the lashes evenly.  Also no clumping so far so that's a bonus.  After my initial application I do like to go in with another coat and for me its a perfect amount of product, providing pretty long lashes.  

I liken this mascara to the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara, which makes my lashes beautiful, flirty and long.  Its definitely one of my top mascaras.  However, I found Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara to be better in regards to wear and colour.  Hypnose Star seems to be a pretty long wearing mascara, lasting throughout my work day (8 hours), with little to no fall down or smudging in the lower lash line and is a true black, perfect for completing a nice day time look and taking a sultry look that up a notch.  If you haven't tried it already and it is in your budget (approx $56-58nz) give Hypnose Star a go, or if it is a little too pricey try out the Jordana.

What is your favourite mascara at the moment?  I am interested in trying out the YSL 'Babydoll' next.
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