Saturday, 5 April 2014

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New Balance 1600
I know what your probably thinking, walking shoes? Really Rachill? come on.  I mean sure a blog post dedicated to Jefferey Campbell's I can understand but sport shoes, blurgh lol.

That's exactly how I kinda felt when I drafted this blog post but the reality is goods shoes are also a part of taking care of my body and let me tell you I really needed a good pair.  My job is very physical, I spend 7+ hours on my feet racing around after children  days a week so needless to say it was so important to get a good, supportive pair of shoes.  My normal chucks weren't cutting it anymore and I needed something with a little (or lot) more support.  I did some research and decided on these.  I have only really worn them a couple of days and haven't really been super impressed...yet but I thinks that's due to being used to shoes with no support.

The New Balance 1600 is described as 'a versatile and lightweight netball shoe designed with a medial post to add stability.  The specialised tread and balance features aid players when landing from jumps and leaps in balanced, ready stances'.  I can tell they are correcting how I walk but yikes, it kinda hurts.  I'm gonna give these suckers a week or so to make a full decision on whether I like them or not.  Do you have a favourite exercise or walking shoe?

Also coming up next week, a review on Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallete review and lip combos of the week.

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