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Lip Combos

Look #5
Lips! Ah yes, one of my favourite makeup addictions.  I am 'slowly' (wink wink) building up my lipstick collection.  Lipstick is one of my favourite products to not only use but to research, so last week I decided to go through my lip products and come up with some combos that I hadn't done before.  

When it comes to lip products I prefer matte lips or at least nothing overly glossy.  I also prefer something that I can fake a top lip with, so something that will at least hide my natural lip line (my upper lip is really thin) with ease.  So here are some of fave lip combos I tried out.

#1  Dark and vampy....with a twist
YSL Rouge volupte - natural beige #1 and MAC - cyber
Odd combo? Yea I thought so too, but they really work.  I did a little ombre, YSL on the ottuer part of the lip and Cyber on the inner.  Its always fun to try something a little daring.

#2 Simple and plump
Chi chi lip liner - It Girl and MAC - Syrup
Of course I couldn't go a week without using MAC's syrup.  I am currently obsessed with this lipstick.  Its the perfect all rounder and because its a lustre it has a subtle sheen that helps the lip look more luscious.  I paired this with a lip liner to enhance my top lip and round out my bottom lip.  I do find this liner to be drying so I always use a good lip treatment beforehand.

#3  Fresh and girly
L'Oreal Gloss - 101 Classic and Peripera - No.10 Rose Pink
How cute is the packaging of this lip stick?  I have a few Peripera Lipsticks and find them to be pigmented, non drying and last a decent amount of time if your not eating.  I love this rose shade, topped with this gloss as it adds a fresh femininity to any look and looks amazing paired with a brown smokey eye.

#4  Ombre...again :)
Lime Crime - Countessa Fluorescent and Calvin Klien - Mesmerise  
Are you sensing a them here?  :)  I have never tried ombre lips before so I tried it out a few times this week.  One super dark ombre and one subtle and sweet version.  I love a good tea rose or rose pink lip and haven't used this Mesmerise shade very much.  I find it to be a nice creamy pink with red undertones (pulling more red hues).  I first applied Lime Crime's Countessa Fluorescent  and then added Mesmerise .  I really liked this combo, the darker lip in the middle helped to make my lips appear fuller, while the pink outter edges of the lip softened the overall tone.

#5 Quick and easy
Chichi - It Girl and Revlon Matte Balm on Elusive 205 and Showy 220
This look isn't all that exciting but still worthy of a mentopn.  I just simply lined my lips for fullness and then used either 205 or 220 depending on the look I was going for.  And yes I did try these shades in a slight ombre too, I used 220 over the lips and the focused 205 more so in the centre to create a cute puckered look.  I also used Lucas Paw Paw before use and after as these guys can be really drying when used together.


 To achieve a crisp, smooth line I used the Sigma E05 and then filled in my lips with the XO Beauty lip brush, this is brush combo made in lipstick heaven.

What are your favourtie combos lately or lip prodcuts?

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