Friday, 30 May 2014



The Dior Stylish Move (no.5) eyeshadow quint ($120NZ) has 5 different variations shades of a soft purple.  Now let’s get down to the nitty griity!  I have been lusting over Dior for a while now but as you can see in Aotearoa (with almost all makeup) it is a cosmetic brand that is extremely overpriced and therefore, something I couldn't quite bring myself to splurge on...well until recently!  My first introduction to Dior was the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral and let me tell ya I love the shizz outta this product!!!  I got this baby as a celebratory treat to myself for gaining full registration.  Pigmented, subtle, comfortable on the lips and is a customisable colour, unique to my pH levels, totally justifiable in my eyes.  So I got to researching Dior a little more and was interested in their shadows, I think I just got caught up in a Dior haze .  In my opinion there isn't alot of buzz when it comes to Dior shadows but i thought it would a great luxury purchase and I can’t say I was right.  Although I looked at swatches online and in store I am underwhelmed by the shadows overall pigmentation, colour transfer from the pan and staying power.   
The positives:  It applies smoothly and contains no scent. Stylish Move creates a soft neutral purple look that goes with any outfits and occasion. You can use the deeper purple to get a smoky look. The packaging is to die for and the little instructions are an amusing touch (something all Dior products have).  The smoky plum is the most pigmented of the bunch but can be sheered out.  Let’s also take a moment to talk about that centre shade!! . I know it's just a generic highlighter shade, but there's something beautiful about it. This shade is a light creamy shimmer that has slight gold with a pink sheen. A lovely soft shadow that applies rather smoothly. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

For all the 'Lip Addicts'

When I saw this TAG I knew I HAD to do it!!  I am a total lip junkie and was super excited to go through my pretty big lipstick collection and find some stand out colours.  I haven’t covered all my favourite colours, nor all my favourite brands but I got to find some gems and am excited to share.


Monday, 12 May 2014

#Battle Royale


As posted recently, I have just been introduced to the makeup brand Collection and you know what?  I think I found a gem here!!  When I was looking at the mascarsa there were three to choose from ranging from roughly $14-17.00.  They all were claiming something unique, as most mascaras do but one was really stating alot!  So naturally I decided to give this one a go haha.  Lets see what Collection has so say about this product...

photo 3 (6)

"Your mascara wish list is now a reality with new COLLECTION Does It All Mascara! With its enchanced multi-bristle brush and five way formula; curling, volumizing, lengthening, long-wearing and conditioning- this mascara really does it all!"  See what I mean about the claims.  Usually mascaras have at least one downfall or don't always achieve the results they state, but I have to say this one really does do all the things it suggests.  I love this mascara!  One thing I would note is that I have naturally long lashes, with a natural curl so mascaras don't really give me lots of length but definition and hold.  When I used it, it totally reminded of the Benefit They're Real, so I got my sample out and compared.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

#Focus Brand

Collection has just arrived in New Zealand, so I decided to try out some of these new products and see what all the hype was about.  We have all heard bloggers and youtubers go on and on about the Collection Concealer so I decided to try some of the other things on offer before getting the cult favourtie. I was pleasantly surprised by the array of products available, as well as the price.  Although not as cheap as other countries it is reasonably priced and I think this a fantastic brand to try out and recommend all the products I have tried out.  In New Zealand these products can be found at most Countdowns, with nothing over $20.00.

I hadn't heard much about this brand unsurprisingly as it was not available here and most of the youtubers I watch and blogs I read only mention the concealer, but I really think this affordable brand provides an amazing range of options including foundations, eye pencils, nail polishes, lip products and more (all of which you can find in a Collection stand).  When I was looking at the stand and deciding what to choose, being a lip product lover I naturally decided on a few lipsticks.  I got 2 Lasting Colour lipsticks, I find these to provide a nice sheer colour, with the ability to be built up into quite an opaque colour.  Supgarplum 3, is a beautiful plum with hints of pink with a slight frost finish, while Passionfruit 5 is a lovely coral with gold shimmer.  These shades are great and wear nicely on the lips, however I am unsure on the longevity of these colours, because I am yet to put them to a full day test (ie: drinking, eating).  For the price of about $14 you cant go wrong, so why not try 'em?  Another lip product I tried out was the Cream Puff moisturising lip cream in Fairy cake 3.  This smells and acts just like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, which I love.  It is a long lasting lip colour and as long as you put a good lip treatment on before and after you shouldn't have any problems (unless you have really dry lips).  I love the Collection lip products so far!!
Does it all - 5 in 1 mascara in Black 1. This is a must have product!!
I also tried out a few other gems and these little beauts didn't disappoint.  The Shimmer Shade in Blushalicious 2 is beautiful light baby pink and adds a soft feminine glow to the cheeks.  I like to swirl all the colours together and then build up the colour by focusing my brush along the top row of the blush shades.  Individually I don't find these shades to be all that pigmented or exciting but when mixed and applied with the Real Techniques Blush BrushBlushalicious provides a perfect pink shade.  I also wanted to try out a liner and saw there was a purple so I grabbed that.  This liner has a felt tip applicator and although quite stiff I can have enough control to give either a thin tapered line or thick wing.  When set the liner does not budge, streak or crack! The only downfall if you could call it one, is the fact that the liner stains the skin (through foundation etc), so you definitely need a good makeup remover.  Also pictured is the Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Funk 3.  Wow!!! I love this gel liner from the champagne glitter colour to the applicator.  I can get a precise thin line and have no need to build the glitter to get good colour pay off.  This does flake a little throughout the day but as long you remember its there and don't touch it, the Glam Crystal liner will last all day (tested during an 8 hour work day).
Cream puff - Fairy Cake, Lasting colour Sugarplum3 and Passionfruit5, Shimmer shade - Blushalicious 2, Glam Crystal - Funk 3, Extreme 24 hour felt tip Liner -      Purple 2
What are some of your favourite Collection products?  I would love to know any recomendations you have :)
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

# Autumn Warmers: Top Picks for the lips


Autumn is well and truly here, the leaves are falling, the trees looking pretty bare and it's definitely gotten colder, today it is literally freezing! We have had SO much rain lately and I'm guessing that these last fews days of sunshine aren't going to last much longer so shortly, it will be time to really get into the Winter swing. In keeping with the #Autumn Warmers series  and  when thinking about what to post this week I imediately thought of the one thing I really love when this time of the year comes.  

Something which I adore about the season of Autumn is the colours, deep reds, purples and beautiful nudes, all of which seem to take over the world. I've rounded up my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks of the moment.  Vampy reds, moody berries and rich, heady wine colours are usually a big makeup trend, so if you wear lipstick, wear it dark! One thing I want to note is that although this post is all things Autumn and beautiful, I don't like to just stick with what the season's trends may be, I like to use these colours as inspiration and don't let the season totally dictate my colour choices, because if anything makeup should be expressive and fun not strict and rigid...or at least that's what i think :].

What Deep Autumns' colours have in common is that they all have warm undertones and that they are not pale or muted, but strong and vivid. Deep Autumn's colours contrast and you can mix them boldly, too, pairing lights and nudes, for instance.  So lets get into my top 5 (maybe 6) picks!

Traditional Berries
Revlon Kissable Balm Satin - Smitten (30), Mac - Rebel (Satin) and a cheeky extra Wet 'n' Wild  - Cherry Picking(965).

To start off I'm sticking with the traditional berry lip.  Dark and vampy these colours always add warmth to any look, as well as a subtle sultry feel.  I find these colours in particular to be universal, with most people being able to rock these lips(if not out your comfort zone).  Also as an added bonus they are non-drying lipsticks that can be built up to intensify any look.  Typically I like to pair these with a nice subtle eye, using the Urban Decay Basics palette, heavy on the lashes for a great day look. I also find that these shades in particular pair lovely with berry blushes suchs as Nars 'Sin' and theBalms 'Cabana Boy'.  If you haven't tried these lovely lipsticks than why not be a little daring.  Cherry Picking is a great one to start off with as its opaque, long lasting and affordable!

The pinky undertone
Bourjois Shine Edition - Famous Fuschia, YSL Rogue Volupte - 31 Fuschia Tourbillon
Although showing a little more red/pink in the photo these lipsticks are most certainly of the fuschia family.  If anything the lighting of this photos highlights the undertones of each lipstick.  YSL 31 is a medium, fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones.  It has a glossy, creamy finish, in one passing I find this colour to be rich and opaque. The consistency of this lipstick is on the thicker side in comparison to my other Rogue Volupte, but it doesn't feel heavy and stains sightly which means it wears better than some of the lipsticks in the same line. It is moderately hydrating while worn and is a new favourite of mine, recently joining my lipstick family :).  While Famous fuchsia also provides rich pigmentation and a long lasting stain on the lips, I do find I need to touch up a little more than the YSL 31.  For me fuchsias are easy to wear and are one of my favourtie lip colours year round.  Whether your looking for a share, subtle colour or a more bold lip these colours can meet your needs, it all depends on your application. 

The Autumn Nude
Mayebelline Colout Sensational - Pink Me Up, Mac Syrup
One thing that I love about Autumn is the warm tones that are usually incorporated into makeup looks and this works perfectly with what I like to do.  Generally I either rock a bold lip (like the above colours) and a neutral eye or a smokey eye and nude/subtle lip.  Maybelline Colour Sensational 'Pink Me Up', is my first ever lipstick and has a place near and dear to my heart.  If I am ever stuck with what to pair a look with Pink Me Up is my go to colour.  There is nothing overly special with this lip colour but I love it and it is essential for any season.  I love this colour because its my 'my lips but better' colour.  It has a creamy finish, won't dry your lips and builds up to quite an opaque colour.  This lipstick will need a little maintenance but nothing a few passes of the lips won't fix.  Similarly, Mac Syrup is also another one of those goto colours.  I think this lipstick is a perfect nude-esque shade for Autumn, with warm berry undertones, this sheer, lustre provides a cloudy pink, cool-toned finish (with slight purple undertones).  It goes perfectly with a smokey brown or cranberry eye and compliments sweet pinks on the cheeks, great for brightening up any look on those cloudy, wet days!

From left: Mac Syrup, ColourSensational - Pink Me Up, Revlon Kissable - Smitten, Mac - Rebel, YSL 31, Bourjois - Famous Fuchsia and Top Left: Wet 'n' Wild Cherry Picking 
What are some of your favourite Autumn lips, I would love to know!
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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Travel essentials

photo (15)

Last week was ANZAC day for New Zealand and Australia.  On this day 25th April we remember our fallen soldiers who fought to protect our countries, as well as as toughs in the common wealth.  This also means we have a public holiday and I got to go home for the weekend.  I live in Christchurch so that means a quick (40ish mins) flight back to Wellington and I get to be back and see all my loved ones!!  Needless to say I took advantage of this public holiday and went back to Welly for a 4 day trip.  It was amazing to get to see all my family and friends, rushing around to see everyone and of course see my dog, Turtles, who I miss!!  Anyway you didn't stop by to hear me blabber on about what I did, lets get into to my 'Makeup Travel Essentials' shall we?


When I travel I tend to pack light, I like to prethink my outfits and make sure I take just enough, plus if I really need something I can just go shopping, right? (hehe).  I also like to think about my makeup and how might create a look according to my outfit and or what I plan on doing when I'm away.  This time I wasn't going out on the town or anything, it was just about family and friends and catching up.  But I knew I would be going out for the odd dinner and or brunch so I definitely wanted some makeup choices that would suit both these occasions.  I don't know about you but when I travel I take either my most loved or old faithfuls that I have neglected and that's exactly what I did this trip, re-hashed some loves for a few older products and took a few of my current faves that I knew I could count on.  So lets break it down to a few categories, Face, Eyes and bases, Lips and Brushes.
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - Dim Light, Sleek contour kit - Light, Hourglass Blush - Radiant Magenta
Being autumn in NZ and its unpredictability weather wise I went for my favourite foundation the Chanel vitalumiere aqua in 20Beige.  This foundation provides me with the perfect amount of build-able coverage and slightly dewy finish.  My skin always feel fresh and light when I wear this foundation.  I also took my MAC Pro Longwear in NW15, this is great when I either want to even out my base or cover up any annoying face demons (pimples).  I also like this concealer when brightening up my undereyes, accordingly I really have been loving the Maybelline Age Rewind in Brightener for really help me look awake!  I also took the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB powder, I love this powder it sets my makeup flawlessly, leaves my skin with a natural, velvety texture and adds a little extra coverage if needed.

TooFaced - LashGASM, Sleek Brow Stylish - Medium, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On - Perversion
What can I say, I have been loving the Chocolate Bar Palette, it is simply amazing and in my opinion great for travelling.  The Chocolate Bar Palette allows me to create a neutral eye for the day and amp it up for the evening or if I feel like something a little more than a casual look.  To set my my makeup I have been loving the NYX Matte Finish setting spray, I simply spritz this on my face after I have completed my base, contouring and blush and then spritz a few more times after I complete my eye look.  This seems to help keep my makeup looking fresh most the day and helps keep my eye shadow from smudging too much.  I also took MAC's Paintpot in painterly as its my favourtie eye-base, helping colours stay true to colour and last all day, similarly Benefits Porefessional helps keep my foundation from budging during the day.
photo (16)
A lil snap from my weekend away, using most of the products mentioned
MAC - Rebel, Revlon Matte Balm - Showy220
MAC's Syrup, has been absolute favourite at the moment so I HAD to take it with me!  It suits all looks and is prefect for the day-night transition.  I also love this lipstick as its non-drying and lasts long enough that I dont constantly have to touch up and reapply.  I also took Carmex, as I new my lips would need a little hydration throughout my weekend away and this is small enough to take around with me and heals my lips quickly!

When it comes to brushes I try to keep it simple and take the bare essentials.  I took the brushes that I new I could get the job done and create a some great looks and or finishes.  My fave eyebrushes (which you can see picture in the back) are from XOBeauty, they are soft and have a great weight to them.  With nice long handles I am able to pack on colours, add a wash to the lid or place a colour in the crease.  To smoke out my look I use my trusty MAC 217.  I also took my favourite face brushes of the moment, which are mixture of Real Techniques, Everyday Minerals and ELF.  The ELF powder brush is an amazing kabuki styled brush the allows me to press/stipple my BB Powder on seamlessly, as well as build the powder if I feel the need for it.  It is also good at ensuring my hairs are all flat after spraying any setting spray and can help blend my contour and blush easily! 
What are some of your favourite travel items, I would love to know!
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