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As posted recently, I have just been introduced to the makeup brand Collection and you know what?  I think I found a gem here!!  When I was looking at the mascarsa there were three to choose from ranging from roughly $14-17.00.  They all were claiming something unique, as most mascaras do but one was really stating alot!  So naturally I decided to give this one a go haha.  Lets see what Collection has so say about this product...

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"Your mascara wish list is now a reality with new COLLECTION Does It All Mascara! With its enchanced multi-bristle brush and five way formula; curling, volumizing, lengthening, long-wearing and conditioning- this mascara really does it all!"  See what I mean about the claims.  Usually mascaras have at least one downfall or don't always achieve the results they state, but I have to say this one really does do all the things it suggests.  I love this mascara!  One thing I would note is that I have naturally long lashes, with a natural curl so mascaras don't really give me lots of length but definition and hold.  When I used it, it totally reminded of the Benefit They're Real, so I got my sample out and compared.

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Benefit states that They're Real "lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!"  I was excited to try this out for the first time and when I did I wasn't super impressed straight away, maybe because it has been sooo hyped up.  In saying that I did like it, I just wasn't wow'd.  I decided to try it out again a week or so later, as some mascaras preform better after being opened and my opinions changed.  I put one more coat on than the last time, as usually I don't do more than one or two very light coats and I was impressed.  I found this mascara to be buildable, but I did have to watch out for a little clumping but nothing serious.  Suddenly my opinion about this mascara went from 'Meh', to 'Oh I get it, this is good!' You can go for a subtle effect, or for a much more dramatic effect , which I like a lot.

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As you can see in this picture these mascara's have almost identical wands and let me tell you this wand is perfect for getting those stubborn inner and outter lashes, separating, adding drama, as well as providing a smooth, even application.  One thing that I did notice is that the Collection Does it all 5 in 1 did clump a little after 2 generous coats but I was able to smooth it out by running the wand through the lashes a few times with no extra product on the wand.
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Collection Does it all 5 in 1
I think this picture captures perfectly the effects of this mascara and although it has a few short comings in comparison to the Benefit They're Real, it really is a fantastic dupe (dare I say it). Just like They're Real it lasts all day, provides great length and volume and doesn't leave any nasty smudges on throughout the day.

Ultimately the choice is yours but whether you can afford Benefit They're Real ($43.00) or not , this is an amazing alternative for day to day use.  I love both but have to say I have reached for the Collection much more, it removes easier and the price is on point.
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All products used are from my previous Brand Focus post
Give this a try if you can get your hands on either and let me know how you go.  As we all know mascara's has varied results on all people so I'm interested to see if you also think the Does it Alll preforms like They're Real
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