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# Autumn Warmers: Top Picks for the lips


Autumn is well and truly here, the leaves are falling, the trees looking pretty bare and it's definitely gotten colder, today it is literally freezing! We have had SO much rain lately and I'm guessing that these last fews days of sunshine aren't going to last much longer so shortly, it will be time to really get into the Winter swing. In keeping with the #Autumn Warmers series  and  when thinking about what to post this week I imediately thought of the one thing I really love when this time of the year comes.  

Something which I adore about the season of Autumn is the colours, deep reds, purples and beautiful nudes, all of which seem to take over the world. I've rounded up my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks of the moment.  Vampy reds, moody berries and rich, heady wine colours are usually a big makeup trend, so if you wear lipstick, wear it dark! One thing I want to note is that although this post is all things Autumn and beautiful, I don't like to just stick with what the season's trends may be, I like to use these colours as inspiration and don't let the season totally dictate my colour choices, because if anything makeup should be expressive and fun not strict and rigid...or at least that's what i think :].

What Deep Autumns' colours have in common is that they all have warm undertones and that they are not pale or muted, but strong and vivid. Deep Autumn's colours contrast and you can mix them boldly, too, pairing lights and nudes, for instance.  So lets get into my top 5 (maybe 6) picks!

Traditional Berries
Revlon Kissable Balm Satin - Smitten (30), Mac - Rebel (Satin) and a cheeky extra Wet 'n' Wild  - Cherry Picking(965).

To start off I'm sticking with the traditional berry lip.  Dark and vampy these colours always add warmth to any look, as well as a subtle sultry feel.  I find these colours in particular to be universal, with most people being able to rock these lips(if not out your comfort zone).  Also as an added bonus they are non-drying lipsticks that can be built up to intensify any look.  Typically I like to pair these with a nice subtle eye, using the Urban Decay Basics palette, heavy on the lashes for a great day look. I also find that these shades in particular pair lovely with berry blushes suchs as Nars 'Sin' and theBalms 'Cabana Boy'.  If you haven't tried these lovely lipsticks than why not be a little daring.  Cherry Picking is a great one to start off with as its opaque, long lasting and affordable!

The pinky undertone
Bourjois Shine Edition - Famous Fuschia, YSL Rogue Volupte - 31 Fuschia Tourbillon
Although showing a little more red/pink in the photo these lipsticks are most certainly of the fuschia family.  If anything the lighting of this photos highlights the undertones of each lipstick.  YSL 31 is a medium, fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones.  It has a glossy, creamy finish, in one passing I find this colour to be rich and opaque. The consistency of this lipstick is on the thicker side in comparison to my other Rogue Volupte, but it doesn't feel heavy and stains sightly which means it wears better than some of the lipsticks in the same line. It is moderately hydrating while worn and is a new favourite of mine, recently joining my lipstick family :).  While Famous fuchsia also provides rich pigmentation and a long lasting stain on the lips, I do find I need to touch up a little more than the YSL 31.  For me fuchsias are easy to wear and are one of my favourtie lip colours year round.  Whether your looking for a share, subtle colour or a more bold lip these colours can meet your needs, it all depends on your application. 

The Autumn Nude
Mayebelline Colout Sensational - Pink Me Up, Mac Syrup
One thing that I love about Autumn is the warm tones that are usually incorporated into makeup looks and this works perfectly with what I like to do.  Generally I either rock a bold lip (like the above colours) and a neutral eye or a smokey eye and nude/subtle lip.  Maybelline Colour Sensational 'Pink Me Up', is my first ever lipstick and has a place near and dear to my heart.  If I am ever stuck with what to pair a look with Pink Me Up is my go to colour.  There is nothing overly special with this lip colour but I love it and it is essential for any season.  I love this colour because its my 'my lips but better' colour.  It has a creamy finish, won't dry your lips and builds up to quite an opaque colour.  This lipstick will need a little maintenance but nothing a few passes of the lips won't fix.  Similarly, Mac Syrup is also another one of those goto colours.  I think this lipstick is a perfect nude-esque shade for Autumn, with warm berry undertones, this sheer, lustre provides a cloudy pink, cool-toned finish (with slight purple undertones).  It goes perfectly with a smokey brown or cranberry eye and compliments sweet pinks on the cheeks, great for brightening up any look on those cloudy, wet days!

From left: Mac Syrup, ColourSensational - Pink Me Up, Revlon Kissable - Smitten, Mac - Rebel, YSL 31, Bourjois - Famous Fuchsia and Top Left: Wet 'n' Wild Cherry Picking 
What are some of your favourite Autumn lips, I would love to know!
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