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The Dior Stylish Move (no.5) eyeshadow quint ($120NZ) has 5 different variations shades of a soft purple.  Now let’s get down to the nitty griity!  I have been lusting over Dior for a while now but as you can see in Aotearoa (with almost all makeup) it is a cosmetic brand that is extremely overpriced and therefore, something I couldn't quite bring myself to splurge on...well until recently!  My first introduction to Dior was the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral and let me tell ya I love the shizz outta this product!!!  I got this baby as a celebratory treat to myself for gaining full registration.  Pigmented, subtle, comfortable on the lips and is a customisable colour, unique to my pH levels, totally justifiable in my eyes.  So I got to researching Dior a little more and was interested in their shadows, I think I just got caught up in a Dior haze .  In my opinion there isn't alot of buzz when it comes to Dior shadows but i thought it would a great luxury purchase and I can’t say I was right.  Although I looked at swatches online and in store I am underwhelmed by the shadows overall pigmentation, colour transfer from the pan and staying power.   
The positives:  It applies smoothly and contains no scent. Stylish Move creates a soft neutral purple look that goes with any outfits and occasion. You can use the deeper purple to get a smoky look. The packaging is to die for and the little instructions are an amusing touch (something all Dior products have).  The smoky plum is the most pigmented of the bunch but can be sheered out.  Let’s also take a moment to talk about that centre shade!! . I know it's just a generic highlighter shade, but there's something beautiful about it. This shade is a light creamy shimmer that has slight gold with a pink sheen. A lovely soft shadow that applies rather smoothly. 

The Negatives:  A huge down fall is the lack of a strong pigmentation. There are 5 shadows/pigments which are both subtle to the swatch and swipe of the brush, subtle being a key word here.  To get a decent colour form the lighter shade (of which there a 4) you really have to pack the shadows on and not over blend or you will blend away all your previous work. You would have to pack the eyeshadow to get the right amount of pigments.  
Saving graces:  The luxurious packaging really does make the whole experience feel snazzy and helps the overall use of this product feel better.  To me the Dior quint has a sleek design, cute velvet slip, lovely weight and finish but I could do without the applicators (they don't fit the luxury-esque product).  I  also decided to experiment with my bases so that I wouldn't regret this purchase and I was soooo happy to find that there are few gems that help to maximise the colours of the lighter shades and boost the pigmentation.  I really like to use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk when using this palette.  When sheered out over the entire lid or just above the crease and smoke points of my eye, this base provides just enough tack (tacky surface) for the light shades to adhere to, to which you can then blend nicely.  I also like to use a warm tone brown such as soft brown from MAC to blend out the edges and ensure there is a nice soft finish to the smoky points of the eye look.  I then lightly add the deep plum shade to the outer-v, lower lash line and add a little into the crease and smoke points and then go back with a quick blend using soft brown again.  I don't like using all shimmer shades, as I have slightly oily lids so I prefer the finish off with a soft brown matte, to finish any look using this palette.  Also I really liked using Benefits Bikini-Tini and Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze with the light pink shade.  I used my finger to pack on the colour. 

Overall, I won’t be purchasing Dior shadows in the future but rather, I will focus on their lip and complexion products, as there are much more pigmented, smooth, buttery textured eyeshadow palettes at a fraction of the price!

 What are some of your favourite Dior products?  I would love to know any recommendations you have :)

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