Saturday, 10 May 2014

#Focus Brand

Collection has just arrived in New Zealand, so I decided to try out some of these new products and see what all the hype was about.  We have all heard bloggers and youtubers go on and on about the Collection Concealer so I decided to try some of the other things on offer before getting the cult favourtie. I was pleasantly surprised by the array of products available, as well as the price.  Although not as cheap as other countries it is reasonably priced and I think this a fantastic brand to try out and recommend all the products I have tried out.  In New Zealand these products can be found at most Countdowns, with nothing over $20.00.

I hadn't heard much about this brand unsurprisingly as it was not available here and most of the youtubers I watch and blogs I read only mention the concealer, but I really think this affordable brand provides an amazing range of options including foundations, eye pencils, nail polishes, lip products and more (all of which you can find in a Collection stand).  When I was looking at the stand and deciding what to choose, being a lip product lover I naturally decided on a few lipsticks.  I got 2 Lasting Colour lipsticks, I find these to provide a nice sheer colour, with the ability to be built up into quite an opaque colour.  Supgarplum 3, is a beautiful plum with hints of pink with a slight frost finish, while Passionfruit 5 is a lovely coral with gold shimmer.  These shades are great and wear nicely on the lips, however I am unsure on the longevity of these colours, because I am yet to put them to a full day test (ie: drinking, eating).  For the price of about $14 you cant go wrong, so why not try 'em?  Another lip product I tried out was the Cream Puff moisturising lip cream in Fairy cake 3.  This smells and acts just like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, which I love.  It is a long lasting lip colour and as long as you put a good lip treatment on before and after you shouldn't have any problems (unless you have really dry lips).  I love the Collection lip products so far!!
Does it all - 5 in 1 mascara in Black 1. This is a must have product!!
I also tried out a few other gems and these little beauts didn't disappoint.  The Shimmer Shade in Blushalicious 2 is beautiful light baby pink and adds a soft feminine glow to the cheeks.  I like to swirl all the colours together and then build up the colour by focusing my brush along the top row of the blush shades.  Individually I don't find these shades to be all that pigmented or exciting but when mixed and applied with the Real Techniques Blush BrushBlushalicious provides a perfect pink shade.  I also wanted to try out a liner and saw there was a purple so I grabbed that.  This liner has a felt tip applicator and although quite stiff I can have enough control to give either a thin tapered line or thick wing.  When set the liner does not budge, streak or crack! The only downfall if you could call it one, is the fact that the liner stains the skin (through foundation etc), so you definitely need a good makeup remover.  Also pictured is the Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Funk 3.  Wow!!! I love this gel liner from the champagne glitter colour to the applicator.  I can get a precise thin line and have no need to build the glitter to get good colour pay off.  This does flake a little throughout the day but as long you remember its there and don't touch it, the Glam Crystal liner will last all day (tested during an 8 hour work day).
Cream puff - Fairy Cake, Lasting colour Sugarplum3 and Passionfruit5, Shimmer shade - Blushalicious 2, Glam Crystal - Funk 3, Extreme 24 hour felt tip Liner -      Purple 2
What are some of your favourite Collection products?  I would love to know any recomendations you have :)
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