Monday, 2 June 2014

Highend Makeup Haul


Origins “Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Treatment".  I had been using the Origins for about 6 months and this eye cream can be used both am and pm and claims to be  formulated with “Anogeissus Tree Bark as well as Kombucha (fermented Black Tea), which helps visibly repair lines and wrinkles, crepey lids, under eye cross hatching and saggy eye area skin while offering strong collagen-boosting benefits”.  Now I’m only 26 but I do have a few lines and one definite big ling/wrinkle on the outer parts of the eye, so I thought this eye treatment would be perfect.  I can’t say I was wrong but I also couldn’t see many changes in my fine lines but did notice that it helped to control my eye bags.  After some research I came across the Kiehls “Midnight Recovery Eye” and was instantly intrigued!  This treatment claims to be a “restorative concentrate of essential oils and botanicals that improves the youthful appearance around the eye. Infused with the same natural ingredients as Midnight Recovery Concentrate, as well as Butcher’s Broom, this night treatment leaves under-eye skin feeling strengthened and replenished”.  Big claims, if you ask me but for the price ($61NZ) and the amount you need to use I am excited to see if this product aids in minimising the appearance of my fine lines and/or helps to prevent them.  I also got a sample of the “Creamy Eye treatment with Avacado” and can’t wait to get the full size, as my eyes felt instantly brighter and nourished.
Next on my list was the Dior counter.  I had seen a little bit of hype regarding the ‘Dior Addict Fluid Stick’, so I made my way to the counter and did some swatching.  I couldn’t help myself and purchased myself, “872 Mona Lisette ($59NZ)”!  What a beaut, if I don’t say so myself.  This colour is a coral, with beautiful hints of pink and soft reds.  It makes your lips look juicy and the applicator gives you just enough control for a perfect pout.  The “Fluid Sticks” formula may have sacrificed in lasting power, but makes up for that in versatility/controllability of pigment and comfort.  They have a lightweight formula, which is non-sticky, comfortable on the lips and applies opaquely.  They are buildable but I don’t feel the need too.  Also, a bonus of these lipstick/gloss hybrids is the fact that they don’t stain the lips, so you can reapply when needed, for an even beautiful glossy coat (every time)!
I couldn't leave without getting “Mac Mangrove ($56)” from the Prozena Schouler collection; this is almost exactly the same as Lady Danger, which I also had in my hand.  A matte red, with strong orange undertones, quite simply this lipstick is just stunning.  It wears nicely, isn’t drying for a matte and in my opinion looks a touch more creamier than Lady Danger (although I may go back and get it anyway), making it just that smidgen easier to wear on the day to day!!  Lastly I got the beautiful “Plumful ($41NZ)”.  As soon as I got in the car I put this beauty on and wow is what came to mind.   It's a rosy medium pink that has true purple/mauvey undertones and in certain lights pulls more... well plumy, haha. It is lustre, so this lipstick goes on sheer, with a nice sheen, but it is still is striking and is once again buildable to a deeper colour on the lips!
I also got my first MAC blush yesterday and went with a shade that will be great paired with a bronzed look or over an already vibrant pink, I chose the beautiful shimmery shade of “Well Dressed ($50NZ)”.  In store it pulled a little more lilac which I was so excited by but once out of store and in less dim lighting it’s a true baby pink with what I wold describe as soft lilac undertones.  It is much like Benefits “Dainty”, as its colour is subtle and can be used almost as a highlighter.  I can’t wait to really bronze up my face and use this blush to freshen up the look.
 From left to right: Mac-Plumful, Mangrove.  Dior - 872 and Mac-Well dressed
Have you made any cheeky purchases lately?  I would love to hear about your favourite items you have purchased lately!
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