Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lets get naked series #2

This week was all about matte shadows!!  Matte lips, eyes and even blush (paired with a good highlighter and dewey foundation).  I love matte eyeshadows and have really been enjoying using them for work.  Generally, I have slightly oily lids and find that if I wear shimmer/satin shades during a full work day (7-8 hours), the colours begin to fade and mix into the crease.  So when I am after a look that can stand true throughout the day I just prefer mattes.

Recently, I have been trying to use my eyeshadow palettes in rotation, this week was The Balms  - Meet Matt(e) Nudes turn and I have to say I forgot how much I liked this palette.

get the
Meet Matt(e) Nude, has 9 matte shades, that are neutral or ‘nude’ toned.  As with all my other palettes from The Balm, these shadows are all richly pigmented and easily blendable.  Because of that, I find that I'm able to overlap different shades and create some fun looks, without anything looking "muddy".  These shadows are BIG and you're getting an awesome selection of basic matte shadows that'll work well with everything else in your collection, or on its on.

Let’s talk about the texture for a moment.  The shades are incredibly rich... not at all powdery, flaky or chalky.  Each shadow has a creamy texture, no fall out, which means regardless of your eye shape or age these shadows won’t look crêpey or dry!  As you layer each colour, I find the shadows to have a separation of colour, meaning you can see the contrast more, creating more robust, concentrated looks.  I love how you can go from a warm, subtle neutral eye with this palette, to a full blown smoky eye.  My most favourite eyeshadows out of the entire palette are Matt Hung, with 'his' cool tone browns, plum influences and slight tapue hues,mand Matte Singh.  This shadow is the peach toned shadow and reminds me of a mixture between MAC’s Malt and Soft Brown.
Swatches of my eyeshadows of the week and Revlons Cherries in the snow
The only fault, if you’re looking for one is the need for a slightly warmer toned soft brown for softening edges, blending out looks and adding dimension when using the lighter colours on the palette.  I also find Matt Singh to be a little ‘drier’ than the other shades but this hasn’t effected its overall performance…  but that’s just being nit-picky.

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