Sunday, 22 June 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics Haul

I have had these products lying around for a wee while now, enough to have a good play and make some informed opinions on them, so this is kind of a haul/review in one.  When I first saw the Alluring Aquatics collection I wasn’t all that inspired and as I am meant to be on a slight spending ban (not going so well, lol) I didn’t rush to the MAC counter when this came out.  I also didn’t think the colours were suited to my current tastes but when I went to the MAC stall on a bit of a whim and did a little bit of swatching there were a few key pieces that took my eye and in the end came home with me.

Of course I had to get a lipstick, I am sure by now you will have noticed my love of lipsticks, so naturally that was the first thing I looked at.  I chose only 2 being, Mystical and Goddess of the sea.  

Mystical (Mind-tone creamy rose $44NZ):   This colour is a mid-tone neutral, muted rose, pinky nude.  It’s a beautiful everyday shade, super creamy when applied and very pigmented.  The colour payoff was on point, the texture smooth and the finish allowed for a surprisingly lengthy wear.

Goddess of the sea (Dark vibrant violet $44NZ):  This is described as a “dark vibrant violet” and would slightly disagree.  Although this is definitely a lovely deep shade it is not exactly a violet but rather a warm toned purple with subtle hints of browns.  It is an everyday lip colour that would work from summer to winter and adds depth and a little sex appeal to a simple neutral eye.

I am slowly introducing myself to world of MAC blushes, as this is one area I really haven’t ventured into with regard to MAC.  I wanted something semi neutral, a great winter shade (as that’s the season I am currently in)as well as, something that would work equally well with a glowy bronzed face and that’s why I chose Sea me, hear me .

Sea me, hear me (Beige pink $60NZ):  This blush has a smooth, velvety texture and flawless appearance on the skin. Being an extra dimension blush it gives off a natural soft glow and can be built up quite well, for an intense flush onthe cheeks.  It’s a muted, warm-toned coral with a satiny sheen. The texture is incredibly soft, finely-milled, and it was extremely blendable on the skin.

Heroine is a beautiful matte and been a lipstick I have been eyeing for a long tome but was unsure whether or not it would suit me.  Turns out I do and that made me soo happy.   It has a creamy consistency that glides on well without tugging or pulling on the lips.  It has a rich, opaque colour coverage and wears well for at least six hours, leaving a reddish stain behind. It’s neither drying nor hydrating.  Also being blue based this beaut helps the teeth look whiter and that always a plus.

Be daring, go and get yourself a vibrant shade that makes you a little uncomfortable, you will be surprised how sassy you feel once you embrace a little colour.  I hear that although a different finish Milani Violet Volt is a fantastic dupe ;)

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