Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lets get naked series #3

Hi Sweets!

Ok, so I may be a little (maybe a lot) late on the band wagon but I recently got my hands on the Naked 3, by Urban Decay.  A lot of people consider this a cool toned palette and some think it a warm, I would consider this an ‘in-between’ and that’s perfect for me.  I held out for a long time, partly because I live in NZ and it’s not as easily sourced and partly because I was unsure if I really needed it.  To me this is a perfect ‘nude-neutral’ palette with warm pink undertones and cool taupey hues and a great ‘twist’ to a traditional natural collection of eyeshades.  But it’s not all rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Many people have commented on the lack of pigmentation in the lighter shades and I agree, these shadows aren't up to scratch in regards to my Naked palette whose shadow quality is practically flawless.  But as you go up the line (Nooner onwards) the shadows are like the good ‘ol Urban Decay shadows we all know and love.  

I ordered my palette from Beautybay.com (great shipping and customer service), as this is where I get all my Urban Decay goodies from.  I waited for about 10 days and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed when I opened the box and looked at the shadows and when I swathed the 12 shades I still felt a little ‘meh’ about the Naked 3.  It wasn’t until a few days later when I actually tried them on that I fell in love with this palette.   This palette, as I am sure you already know comes with 12 shadows, 2 mattes, 1 demi matte and the rest of varying shimmer/satin textures.  It also comes with a decent double ended brush and a sample pack of 4 eye shadow bases (which I plan on depotting so they don’t dry up or go to waste).

All in all, this is a great palette and I am so happy to have it in my collection.  I definitely think it offers a somewhat unique take on the neutral eye and I love the fact that I can smoke it out or deepen the look using some of the darker shades as well(Liar and Mugshot are amazing!!).

 If you have this palette, what are your favourite shadows if you have one?  Mine are Limit, Nooner and Factory.

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-Thanks, Rachill
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