Saturday, 27 September 2014

Spring makeup trends 2015

Hi Sweets,
Wow! Wow! Wow!  These were the words that came to mind when I caught up on fashion week and the makeup trends for spring 2015!  I am in love with the trends and am so on board for the fresh faced, luminous and gleaming finishes that was (or will be) spring 2015.  This year’s makeup took the approach of the ‘barely there’ look.  Minimalism was key, as was dewey youthful, uncomplicated skin, accompanied by classic chic features and nuances of a sun kissed bronze.  To me there were four main components to the makeup looks seen on the runway, so let’s break it down.
‘All about the base’:  When looking at all the models, regardless of designer or runway show there was one common denominator with all the makeup looks, the base.  The models had a simplistic, clean, stunningly organic and glowing complexion.  Layering was key for this I think, using illuminating primers, subtle concealers that blended into nothingness and fresh bases that looked invisible on the skin, creating an overall ‘honey dew’ incandescence to the face.  (Am I using enough adjectives, people?)  Where talking no cakiness, no flat matt finishes just healthy unblemished skin (no pressure models).  Also lips were plump, glossy and nude.
Dem brows:  Say hello to the power brow, sweets!  Gone are the days of the ‘carved’ out brows and in are the days of full, natural groomed brows.  We’re talking subtle arches, feathered edges, and soft points (brow tails).  The brows were used to create a more youthful look, ‘highlighting facial features’ in a more flattering way.  I also noticed that some looks had soft pastel purples and turquoise lightly brushed through the brow, so intriguing.
Eyes:  “We want them to look believable; you see something’s happened, but it’s just an overall impression of prettiness (-Dick Page of the look at Michael Kors)”.  Evident in this season trends was what I like to call the ‘effortless eye’.  The eye makeup up either had a soft pop of colour or hazy smokey eye with fluttery soft lashes, using brown mascara, going bare, or just coating in the tips of the lashes.  There were no complicated outer corners or unwearable colours, but mostly shimmery gold’s and rich bronzes that complemented the overall ‘honey skin’ mentioned earlier.
The Pop:  ‘The pop’ was all about the liner, either paired with an eye look mentioned above or a bold graphic liner on its own.  Spring 2015, is embracing a strong confident liner.  I noticed thick black wings, edgy white double wings and striking, diagrammatic coloured liner that cut the crease and winged out defiantly.  A fun way to push the boundaries and juxtapose a natural fresh face.  Also it is important to mention that pop of red-orange on the lips.  Hello Burberry, ugh LOVE!
Overall, a healthy fresh face, which looked untouched, yet flawless, was the key to the Spring 2015 trends.  It’s going to fun, playing with bases, embracing what I already love about natural brows and maybe experimenting with bolder liner.
What were your favourite looks of Spring 2015?
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Hi Sweets,

Holy…Holy Grail, I think I finally found the one!  An amazing corrector, that assists in covering my pesky bags and blueness around my eyes.  It looks natural, doesn't cake and blends seamlessly.  What is this magical object I am speaking of, (well if you couldn’t tell from the pictures :P) the BobbiBrown – Corrector.  This is my first Bobbi Brown product and I am in love!  A new obsession even...

Sunday, 21 September 2014

‘Chanel – Viatalumiere loose powder foundation with mini kabuki - a review

Hi Sweets,
 When it comes to Chanel, I have a pretty big weakness.  They are one of the high-end brands that I really love and although they aren’t 100% cruelty free or use all the best products I truly can’t help myself.  Needless to say when I saw a few promo pics and a couple of reviews, I knew I would want to try this out for myself.  So like a Magpie in a jewelry shop, I picked up the new ‘Chanel – Viatalumiere loose powder foundation with mini kabuki’.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Roadtrip fun - Kaikoura 3

fyffeh2Hi Sweets,  Lets round up this little roadtrip series with day 3, the final day of my Kaikoura adventure.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Roadtrip fun - Kaikoura day 2

Hi Sweets, 
 Day two of my trip to Kaikoura was all about the wildlife!  Kaikoura has some amazing wildlife on offer everything from dolphins, whales, albatross and local seal colonies.  We were going to go whale watching but at the hefty price tag of $145 we decided against it.  The one great thing about Kaikoura is that although they have some highly over priced, yet amazing attractions like the whale watching, it also has some priceless views and nature to explore.  


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Roadtrip fun - Kaikoura

Hi Sweets, 

Since moving to Christchurch nearly 2 years ago I have done quite a lot of exploring of the city but haven't been able to go much further.  Luckily, a weekend became free in my and my friends schedule and we jumped at the chance to have a quick weekend getaway.  So we hoped online booked a motel room, packed our bags, filled the car up with petrol and set off.  We decided to go to Kaiakoura, as it offered lots of beautiful scenery, walks, wildlife and was only 2-3 hours drive.  

Monday, 8 September 2014

#Feelingspendy (2)

Hi Sweets,
Ok, so I know I said that I was on a spending ban, but I have to confess that #feelingspendy came over me and I did a spot (a rather large spot) of shopping.  Some things were gifts and some weren’t but none the less, I now have a rather large stash to share with you and some lovely products to review.  Rest assured I haven’t done any damage since September started and don’t plan on splurging on anything just yet… I hope haha.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#Spring has sprung - Blush addition

Hi Sweets,
The  cover
Spring has sprung Sweets!!  Here in good ‘ol NZ we are finally transitioning out of the cold, harsh winter and autumn seasons and  have spotted the beautiful sun peeking through the clouds, woo!!
During spring I love to break out some of my brighter blushes, to give my face a healthy glow at the very slightest glimpse of the warmth and sun.  This spring I am feeling the peachy tones and pink oranges, as they provide that beautiful flush of colour and energetic pop to the face!
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