Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Hi Sweets,

Holy…Holy Grail, I think I finally found the one!  An amazing corrector, that assists in covering my pesky bags and blueness around my eyes.  It looks natural, doesn't cake and blends seamlessly.  What is this magical object I am speaking of, (well if you couldn’t tell from the pictures :P) the BobbiBrown – Corrector.  This is my first Bobbi Brown product and I am in love!  A new obsession even...

When I went to the counter I was accosted with an array of shades and options and it was pretty daunting and as there was no counter girl available I did a copious amount of swatching (so much swatching).  At first I just blended it into the back of my hand and was incredibly impressed at its creamy, smooth texture and impeccable bendability.  It then dawned on me to test the corrector on my veins (on the inner wrist), as they are blue and that’s the colour I want to cancel out when correcting my under eyes and the shade choice instantly became easier.  Surprisingly enough I wasn't one of the lightest shades but rather light to medium bisque, which has a soft peachy base and is the perfect match for my skin.  

Bobbi Brown says that this beauty “is infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area” and I have to agree, as the corrector smoothed out so effortlessly, didn’t dry my under eye area and with help of a little translucent powder set perfectly.  Once warmed and blended with the ring fingers, I also found that this product didn’t crease, this probably has something to do with those moisturising ingredients they talk about (I think the warmth of your finger really does the trick to help melt this product into the skin).
As you can see when blended in, light to medium bisque is practically undetectable, settles into the skin flawlessly and is just a dream to work with.  I also found it was easy to layer my foundation over, which was the Chanel – Viatalumiere loose powder foundation (see review here).  So there you have it , my new makeup staple whether I’m going full on glam, or easy breezy.

Have you tried this?  Did it work for you?  If not, do you have any other suggestions to tempt us with?

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