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‘Chanel – Viatalumiere loose powder foundation with mini kabuki - a review

Hi Sweets,
 When it comes to Chanel, I have a pretty big weakness.  They are one of the high-end brands that I really love and although they aren’t 100% cruelty free or use all the best products I truly can’t help myself.  Needless to say when I saw a few promo pics and a couple of reviews, I knew I would want to try this out for myself.  So like a Magpie in a jewelry shop, I picked up the new ‘Chanel – Viatalumiere loose powder foundation with mini kabuki’.

The reviews I read were pretty mixed some people didn’t like it as ‘foundation’ but liked the effects it produced as a finishing product and some people really liked it.  Me?  Well I love this product!  This powder is so finely milled, its pillow soft, has a subtle fragrance and it super flattering on the skin.  The foundation is also formulated with two powders enriched with a canola oil derivative, designed to offer day-long hydration. So it’s a moisturising powder foundation, to which powders create a soft-focus on the skin caused by light-reflecting micro beads.

On first application I padded this product using a dense flat top kabuki.  I didn’t apply any primer or concealer prior to application, as I really wanted to see what this base could do, and I was pleasantly surprised.  My skin transformed to an almost airbrushed and luminous version of its self.  My skin looked notably less red and the powder foundation provided enough coverage over some old pimple scars and I found it quite buildable on these areas.  I did however, notice that it didn't blur out some of the drier patches on my skin.

I found the overall finish was light, but still buildable, which is my preferred coverage for bases.  My freckles still showed through and I felt my skin had a lovely fresh, dewey and skin like finish and although this is no way will cover any dark pigmentation on the skin, it does provide a lovely natural skin look (my skin felt like velvet *swoon*).  I really think this a beautiful powder foundation and worth checking out if you have normal to combo skin and like a light base.  I wouldn’t recommend this for really dry skin (patches) or overly oily skin, unless you have primer that can help blur these while wearing a powder foundation.
When I tested this foundation out properly I used a little bit of Benefits Porefessional and Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer on my cheeks and the scarring I mentioned earlier.  I then padded and buffed on the product, concentrating on the areas that needed a bit more care and then blended softly over the face to finish.  I then finished off with a bronzer and natural blush, and *le sigh, its love!  It lasted amazingly on the skin (I wore it for 5 hours) and I didn’t notice any oil breaking through (on my nose) till the 4 hour mark, this is when I used the mini kabuki.  This sweety is not only soooooo cute but wonderfully soft, where talking clouds here ladies, whilst still being dense.  This little brush does an outstanding job at applying the product and although you could definitely use this for a full face application, I prefer a bigger brush.  It held the bronzer and blush well too and I didn’t notice anyopf the products fading!  Simply put, this is superb.

 My final thoughts:  The packaging, in typical Chanel form is so glam, sturdy and practical.  It has a stopper, which is perfect for assisting in dispersing the product on the brush properly and has mesh netting which provides a defence layer between product and jar.  The overall finish is divine and although completely overpriced ($119NZ) it’s worth the splurge, especially if you’re a Chanel hoarder :)

Are you going to try this out?  Do you have any other powder/mineral foundations that you recommend?

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