Monday, 15 September 2014

Roadtrip fun - Kaikoura day 2

Hi Sweets, 
 Day two of my trip to Kaikoura was all about the wildlife!  Kaikoura has some amazing wildlife on offer everything from dolphins, whales, albatross and local seal colonies.  We were going to go whale watching but at the hefty price tag of $145 we decided against it.  The one great thing about Kaikoura is that although they have some highly over priced, yet amazing attractions like the whale watching, it also has some priceless views and nature to explore.  

Being a coastal town, Kaikoura has a spectacular seal colony.  The Kaikoura seals, as all New Zealand seals breed, sun bathe, play and fish off the coasts and because of this they are uniquely coloured to camouflage with the rocks of the coasts.  There are two distinct colonies of the Kaikoura seals, the coastal seals and the brave seals who claim the shoreline.  Pictured top right, you can see a 'shoreline' seal.  These cuties are so used to people that they lounge on and under walkways, bench seats, next to cars and pretty much ignore you.  They don't care how close you get as they are pretty confident creatures and will 'bark' whose boss if they need too.  Kaikoura is also a farming town, so there were plenty of spring born lambs, fauns and calves on view too!

The coastal seals are definitely as distinct as their smell.  Far more relaxed and boisterous in both their numbers and their play.  There were plant of fat new born pups frolicking in the small rock pools and alpha males exerting their power for all to see.  It was also really cool to see their amazing acrobatic skills, as they traversed the rock faces, trying to get a nice sunny spot or trying to play with another seal.  What is more, it was so lovely to see the babies suckle from their mothers, such a rare and intimate moment to share.  So even if you don't have all the money in the world to see the whales, you can absolutely see some amazing sights just as breathe taking as a whale tail peaking out the water.
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