Sunday, 14 September 2014

Roadtrip fun - Kaikoura

Hi Sweets, 

Since moving to Christchurch nearly 2 years ago I have done quite a lot of exploring of the city but haven't been able to go much further.  Luckily, a weekend became free in my and my friends schedule and we jumped at the chance to have a quick weekend getaway.  So we hoped online booked a motel room, packed our bags, filled the car up with petrol and set off.  We decided to go to Kaiakoura, as it offered lots of beautiful scenery, walks, wildlife and was only 2-3 hours drive.  

We set off early morning, grabbed some breakfast and set off for the open road.  New Zealand has some spectaular views and scenery no matter where you but you definitely get to see NZ's beauty when your driving longer distances.  Plenty of farms, rolling hills, ocean views, lakes and pure awe inspiring nature, is what is  on offer when driving through Aotearoa.  When we decided on Kaikoura, ot was because the little town offers some amazing and unique views.  Kaiakoura is surrounded by the pacific, you can go whale watching, find some breathe taking look outs and bush walks and some cute little tourist attractions.  Day one was all about the travel and boutique-ing.  We just wanted to relax and get to know the lay of the land, so to speak.  

Kaikoura is a small and quaint, tourist town, with a small a shopping street, its own cinema, eateries and bars.  We were lucky enough to have some outstanding weather and enjoyed a day of paroosing, eating, visited a lavender farm... just what the doctor ordered!  

Stay tuned for day 2 off our adventures, we went to a few of the Seal colonies and even tracked into the bush to see some seal pups.

Have you been on any weekend getaways lately?  If so, I would love to hear about it.
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