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Halloween - The Doe Edit

Hi Sweets, 
Halloween comes but once a year and I thought I would get a little festive and do a small  3 part series just for this 'celebration'.  Halloween isn't really a big deal here in good 'ol NZ, but when else would I ever get to try out a fun makeup look?  #iwokeuplikethis.  I decided that for my first look/post I would do a generic face application that could then be customised into a doe, house cat or big cat (lioness etc).

When I was looking at all the inspiration for this makeup I noticed that some people did the lip to nose line and some didn't.  That's why I thought this would be a perfect look to customise after you lay the foundations of the makeup, so lets get into the look.
Benefit Porefessional // Estee Lauder Double Wear - 1N1 // Revlon Brow Fantasy - Brunette // Mac Paint Pot - Painterly // NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk // Maybelline Master Smoky - Brown // Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal - Black // Nyx Blush - Taupe // Nars Bronzer - Casino // The Balm - Meet Matt(e) Nude // Lorac Pro 2 // Chanel Le Volume de Chanel - Nior
Step one:

Step 2
After I completed my base, I run 'Matt Rosen' down the nose and connected it to the brows.  I then highlighted the face using 'Milk' down the bridge of the nose, across the forehead and under the eyes.  I blended the white with my fingers and did about 2 layers.  To set the pencil I dusted 'Matt Malloy', as this helped to soften the harsh pencil.  

Step 3
Using the kohl kajal in 'Black' I traced a line down from my nose and down the cupid's bow and then lined and filled my upper lip.  This is when you can decide which direction to take your look.  You can also leave the connecting line off to get a more doe like look or smudge it out softly (so its more of a shadow, rather than a harsh line).  If you are going to do a cat type look, I would suggest adding white around the upper lip and adding brown dots for the whiskers.  I also went in with 'Casino' and really bronzed the face, adding it to all the regular bronzing points on the face and also in place of blush (blending it slightly higher than usual). To further deepen the shadow/shape of the face, I lightly blended 'Taupe' around my cheek bones and chin.

Step 4
Next up I did a soft brown smoky eye using 'Lt.Brown' and 'Nectar' (Lorac Pro 2) and used 'Buff' to highlight.  After that I used the 'Real Techniques -Brow brush' and 'Black' from the Lorac Pro 2 palette, to add a small wing and using the same brush and the shadow 'Matt Rosen' in the inner corner , I created an angled point to elongate my eyes.  I then did 2 coats of 'Le Volume de Chanel' to get full, long lashes and did three lash-like lines using 'Matt Rosen', on the bottom lashes.  (Also in hindsight I should have squared off the tip of my nose to get more of a deer like feature)

Step 5
And to finish off the makeup I used 'Milk' again and added the 'Bambiesque' spots, or doe freckles, as I call 'em.  I also added a twig in the hair to give a more woodland feel.  If your wondering why I opted out of doing antlers that's because typcially Doe's do not have antlers, and I was going for a sweet feminine Doe, not Stag.

So, no this isn't the best Doe you will ever see but I'm cool with that.  It was so much fun to do this look and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I have one more look coming on the 24th and a fun lipstick post for sunday.  Until then I hope you have spooktastic week.

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-Thanks, Rachill
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