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Halloween - Lipstick spooktacular

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Whether you are new to the blog (Hello, if you are!!!) or been following Sweetsomethings for a bit lipstick is one, if not my most favourite makeup product.  So, we are rounding up the Halloween posts with a BANG!!  Saving the best for last, in my humble opinion and ending with 2 posts dedicated to lipstick.  This post is all about some great lipstick options for Halloween, lipsticks that I think will go with almost any costume you might go for, or generally evoke the spooky nature of this celebration.

Generally speaking reds are a classic, chic, 'go to' lip option, that seem to work with almost all looks, occasions and celebrations.  I chose two lipsticks specifically because they really embrace that "I have just bitten into a delicious neck and I'm hungry for more" colour.  Mac - Russian Red, is a brick red that has blush undertones and is perfect for a sultry or demure look and gives a beautiful blood-like stain if smeared over the face (like my vampire look-here).  Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic, is a classic red that gives a sheer, yet lush look to the lips and is perfect for that red riding hood look or anything that calls for a bit more of a youthful, plump looking lip.

I love a good vampy lip and between vampires and harridan's, this year there was a surge in vampy lips and  Halloween is the perfect time to bring back the vamp.  Vampy lips are such a fun product to reintroduce in the makeup rotation and lets face it it's a little fun to embrace your inner Nancy (in the non psychotic, occult obsessed kinda way).
There are three vampy lipsticks that are ol'faithfuls, smooth, feel lightweight, and stay on all day.  Mac - Cyber, is the vampiest shade in my collection. The deep purple colour reads almost black and is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Next up is Milani - Black Cherry, this is a stunner!  Long wearing, easy to apply and is Cyber's tamer counterpart, a true deep wine shade and when applied I instantly feel bolder and more confident.  Lastly, Milani Colour Lipstatement lipstick in Sangria is the perfect colour to wear if your not into wearing the deeper, dark colours but still want to dable in the vamptastic shades of Halloween and going with a berry/wine colour is the best way to start.

Carrying on with the deeper, vampy shades are the true berry, brown toned lipsticks that are completely reminiscent of the good ol' days of Buffy and you know what, I am completely ok with that!  Buffy is my all time favourtie TV show and I happily embrace the current 90's (early 2000's) lipstick trend .
Lets start with Kat Von D's-FTW, this a metallic finish that has coverage and saturation to die for and is a beautiful cranberry, burgundy shade, that just adds a little 'somthin, somthin'.  Hourglass' Femme Rogue  in Nocturnal, is a beautiful raspberry pink, that pulls berry, and that's all I will share about this lipstick, as you will be hearing about this beauty very soon.  And last but certainly not least is Mac - Twig.  This is totally "five-by-five", invokes the 90's like no other (in my collection) and actually pairs perfectly with a dark smokey eye and looks pretty spine tingling perfect for Halloween (or autumn... or year round, ya know whatever floats your boat).

For a fun pop, I like to go with NYX Matte lipstick in Summer Breeze, which is a lovely blue based pink, that is the less vibrant dupe of Candy Yum-Yum, great if your going to be a cute fairy etc.  Also, a good pop of purple is so refreshing amongst all the dark, wine, berries going on and that's why Heroine, with its blue undertones and vibrant violet colour is a wonderful addition.

So there you have it, my go-to Halloween lip products.  What are some of your favourite darker lip colours?  I would love to know.

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