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Jouer - Blushing Beauty Palette

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Jouer is one of those brands that I have both heard about and lusted over for quite some time but, as with almost all amazing brands its not available in New Zealand (well in store anyway).  So let’s get to know Jouer a little better.

Jouer intertwines beauty, style and pure modern convenience. “I want each product to allow women to feel and look like the best version of themselves, while further enhancing their natural beauty. And nothing says ‘beautiful and confident’ like showing the true you,” says Zilber”.   

I love what founder Christina has to say about makeup and beauty and when looking into both their brand and products you can definitely understand her point of view as a beauty designer.  Chic, understated beauty, that is fresh and simple with a twist.  Whether that be a peachy base or sweet pink undertone, Jouer really understands the natural or ‘you look amazing, do you have makeup on oh wait you don’t… do you?’ look and let’s just take a second for their packaging.  A sublime lego-isque playfulness that is both fun and practical and completely customisable.  For me this embodies Jouer, the consumer has total control of their overall look and product packaging, it’s more than just a gimmick, it’s a modern twist on a simple take on makeup.

Jouer also claims to provide makeup that has “rich botanicals, replenishing properties, and skin-soothing benefits to promote a healthy, glowing complexion”.

Jouer Blushing Beauty Palette
This beauty contains 5 items that are interchangeable, practical and romantic.  It’s the perfect travel companion or palette to help you to achieve that beautiful ‘inner glow’.  I do find that to initially swatch each product, they are sheer.  Not sheer in the “holy hell, did I just waste my money” kinda way but more in the *makeup high sigh*.  The product is buildable, has a dreamy texture with beautiful tones and blendability.  Autopilot yourself into a glowy  angel ha-ha, coz’ you know makeup does that.

Sheer mattepowder and bronzer:  They weren’t joking when they say sheer.  The setting powder is silky to touch and does a nice job for touch ups but isn’t something that I would reach for when setting my entire face.  On the plus side it is translucent and sat well over top of an under eye corrector (see review here).  The bronzer, as the name suggests is matte, zero shimmer, has nice neutral undertones and great for a quick ‘on the go’ contour.

Powder eye shadow duo (Chocolate/Peach):  Peach is a soft peachy-cream shadow.  I love peach as an inner corner and brow bone highlight, it also acts well as a base or all over lid colour.  It is matte and blends like a dream.  Chocolate is a smooth, bronzy brown with shimmer.  It is buildable enough to create some nice definition and sheer enough to be used as an all over the eye colour to create a soft smokey look.  I love this duo, it’s perfect for a travel bag and compliments most other palettes I have.

Cream tint/highlight (Whisper/Feather):  This cheek-highlight duo is perfect for adding a quick radiance to the face, without anyone looking at you and calling ‘disco party’.
The highlighter is creamy and gives a nice natural glow that glistens playfully in the sun and the tint is a warm peachy blush, with subtle gold shimmer and adds a lovely flush to the cheeks.  Both these products have excellent staying power.

Lip gloss (Cherish):  I am not a gloss fan but Cherish is a beautiful colour.  To me it’s the gloss version of the tint.  A warm golden peach that looks natural enough, yet still completes any look.  I did notice the shimmer, an almost gritty feeling on the lips but nonetheless is the perfect complement to this collection.

There you have it a small review on the Blushing Beauty Palette.  Have you tried anything from Jouer?  Any recommendations or products to avoid?

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