Saturday, 18 October 2014

Skincare - Spring Edit #2

Hi Sweets, 
I am finally finishing off my Spring Skincare edit, and this focuses on locking in the moisture, hydrating the skin all day long and keeping it looking supple, operation "say no to dessert storm" :p.

As I mentioned in my previous skincare mix up (see post here), my skin is dehydrated whilst, still getting oily in the t-zone.  This means I like to use products during the day that will aid in really hydrating the skin, as well as locking in the the moisture and hopefully not getting too oily throughout the day.  I also find that most of these products (minus the facial oil) provide a perfect base for makeup, as long as they have had a good 20-30 minutes to absorb into the skin (I don't wear makeup everyday, aint nobody got time for dat and its tooo hot at the mo haha)  

After I apply toner (as mentioned my previous post) I apply the Kiehs - Creamy Eye Treatment.  Top tip with this product:  don't over do it, take a small amount and warm the product between your ring fingers and then tap.  This may take some time to fully work into the skin but it so worth it.  I have been using this for a little over 5 months and have noticed that my eye area looks brighter than it used to and never looks or feels crepey or dry.  I also like to mix this into my night time eye cream if I'm doing a super hydrating mask over night.  I then go in with one pump of The Body Shop's - Vitamin E Moisture Serum.  This has a lovely cool, gel consistency and sinks into the skin quickly.  This product just provides a little boost to my moisturiser.

Next, I take one pump of the Clinique - Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel and a few drops of the most beautiful facial oil everrrrrr - the Antipodes = Divine Facial Oil (cue the angelic sun rays and harmonious gospel music, this thing is incredible and made of...angel tears?...magic?)  The Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel feels light and silky on the skin.  It does not contain any oils or heavy thickening agents and therefore sinks in and hydrates quickly.  I use the combo/oily gel and as its intended to work with my skin type I never get that oily, film like layer on my skin.  The Divine Facial Oil just adds that extra 'umph' that the gel lacks and I love this!!!  I have repurchased the oil 3 times and will continue to do so!  This is the most intense moisture-injecting oil in my skincare stash and has really helped in giving me a wonderful glow and some seriously soft skin.  Lastly, I spritz my face with the lovely Jurlique - Rosewater Balancing Mist, when my skin is feeling particularly aggravated or dry.

And lets not forget the most important aspect of anybodies routine....sun-care.  I use Kiehls because I liked that it didn't have any nasties and didn't turn my face into a grease ball, turned light reflecting mess at the end of the day. It works really nicely over my skincare and sits well under makeup when I have worn it.  I apply just over a pea szie, maybe two for my face and take it down the neck.  I haven't been burnt yet so, I give this a thumbs up for sure.
Have you tried and liked any of the mentioned products?  Any gems I should know about?  I have just added a great serum into my daily skincare routine and that post will be coming in a week or two once I get really good idea of how its working with my skin, have a wonderful weekend and lookout for a post on a kiwi classic coming your way :)

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-Thanks, Rachill
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