Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dior Golden Shock Collection

Hi Sweets,
This year the Christmas collections have been out in full force, and super early too!  Usually I don't get overly excited by Christmas/Holiday collections but for some reason I have been drawn to them this year.  I think its because although the packaging for many collections are quiet lux and attractive, and lets face it good packaging can been very alluring, this time round the colours are actually wearable year round and are something that suit a lot of people.  This year I went a little Dior crazy and got 4 things from their Holiday offerings.

Lets start out with the obvious favourite for me, the lips.  Personally I hadn't heard of the Diorific Lipsticks until I saw this collection and did a little research before buying any.  I adored the shades on offer and decided on one nude and one bolder and at $62NZ, I was really hoping they would be worth it.  Luckily for me there was a 20%  sale going on, so it made it slightly, only slightly easier to part with my money, haha.  These beauts are so unique and are dual sided.  On one side there is a pigmented, creamy, amplified formula and on the either side is a corresponding mother of pearl applicator, that gives the lips a wonderful sheen. 

The one thing that surprised me was the smell.  I was half expecting a fragrance free lipstick or a more mature scent, but it actually has quite a unanticipated jelly bean scent.  The lolly scent is a total juxtaposition of the packaging and the general 'feel' of Dior, but I like the playful, fun element the scent brings and it goes well the shimmer side of this product.  I chose the shades Delicate Shock and Daring ShockDelicate Shock is a lovely everyday peach/beige nude and has a beautiful campaign pearl and Daring Shock is a refreshing raspberry pink, with a soft pinky pearl on its dual side.

Firstly, let me say sorry for the hairy swatching haha and secondly lets just all take a second to appreciate how pretty this palette is.  There were two offerings when it came to Dior's iconic quints and I was instantly drawn to Golden Shock 756.  I was so excited by the wearabilitly of the shades and how well they swatched, I can also attest for their blendability when applied on the lid.   The packaging is sleek and I really like the slimed down version of Dior's new palettes and the reformulated shadows are fantastically pigmented and preform really well.

Golden Shock, has a mixture of rich satin textures and matte bases with fine shimmer, the middle shade screams Christmas, with is multi dimensional gold glitter and will add that sense of drama to any look you might create using this palette.  I like the fact that Golden Shock, has a true purple that actually reads purple on the lids, it doesn't blend into a brown or black like most deep purples, but rather a striking blackcurrant purple.  Golden Shock, also has a truly unique tapue, rose gold shade that complements the palette so well and a beautiful gold that looks lovely on the mobile lid.  The pale pink is the least exciting of the quint but serves its purpose well as a base colour or inner corner and brow highlight.  I found all the colours held their own when they were blended and didn't turn muddy, however I defiantly recommend a really good base, such as a paint pot, to ensure the intensity of each colour.  I haven't stopped using this gem since I got it last week and absolutely recommend this product.

That's is it for my pickings from Dior's Golden Shock Collection.  Have you purchased anything from this or any other Christmas collections?  Is there anything you can't decide on getting?

This coming week you can expect my first ever Burberry Beauty haul, a Mac holiday collection review and a post on maybe the cutest blushes I have seen in a while.

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