Sunday, 9 November 2014

Do you even brunch? #1

Hi Sweets,
When Aotearoa has a beautiful day nothing can beat it.  There is nothing better than exploring what NZ has to offer, with its beautiful landscapes, lakes, oceans and all round beauty.

Recently, my Mum came down to Christchurch for a weekend.  It was awesome to take her around the city, show her where I teach, share some of my favourite restaurants and fill our days with lots of fun activities.  One our best days out was a day trip to Akaroa.  Akaroa is a beautiful French settlement town and has quaint French houses, street names, eateries and tourists attractions.  The fact that its only one hour to an hour and half away is fantastic and the drive there is lovely, all be it a bit windy.  Once you make it to the high point of the Akaroa hill roads, you are hit with the beauty of this town and instantly feel transported somewhere else.

When we arrived, our first mission was to find a place to eat, relax and chat!  We stumbled across a charming café with a charismatic dinning garden, which was just what the doctor ordered.   We sat ourselves down, ordered the obligatory and completely necessary Lattés and paroosed the menu.  The waitress was really friendly and had an awesome French accent (I love accents) and the setting was the perfect start to our ‘bonding time’.  We had a brunchday feast and caught up on all the important information about family, friends and shared some serious giggles.  After that we strolled the Saturday markets and boutique stores and did a little gemstone shopping.   
Next up on the agenda was the Akaroa Dolphin Cruise!  It was so much fun to be on the sea, sipping on a refreshing glass of OJ, wind in the hair, hair slapping me in the eyes and mouth haha and feeling the cool spray of the ocean, as we coasted out of the harbour.  The Tour Guide was knowledgeable, interesting and the crew of two were very friendly.  We saw the amazing geological surroundings of Akaroa, literally cruised inside what would have been the mouth of a since erupted volcano, saw massive cliffs, volcanic ash sediment and sailed out into the choppy afternoon pacific ocean.  On our way out to the pacific, we saw some penguins and seals coasting the waves, diving for food, as well as some of the other wildlife that feed in that area, all the while patiently waiting to get a glimps of New Zealand’s Hector Dolphin.  About 45mins into our tour we finally spotted the world’s smallest Dolphin.  It was an amazing experience to watch as they skilfully glided within the waves, barely skimming the surface, playfully watching for their food.  In total we saw 6 different Dolphins, as they gracefully followed the current and direction of the waves, snatching up as much fish as they could.  It was a truly breathe taking moment share with my Mum, and unfortunately I didn’t get any good shots, but sometimes it’s important to put the camera down and just absorb the moment and connect with what’s happening. 

We then did a little bit more exploring but it was about time to drive home and go have a scrummy dinner with a family friend at SpiceParagon (a must if you’re in Chch).  There you have it a little something different to end the week, with plenty of beauty tid bits coming your way, chrsitmas collections, a Dior drama and a new blush fave!

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-Thanks, Rachill
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