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For the love of gold – Burberry Gold Collection for Holiday 2014

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Burberry Beauty has always been a brand that I have been interested in but something that was almost unattainable, unless I wanted to use a forwarding company or pay taxes etc.  But that has all changed since the wonderful website Net-A-Porter opened their shipping services to NZ!  So let’s do a good ol’ haul.

A winters glow “inspired by the soft light of winter, the festive makeup collection features glowing, luminescent skin with seasonal hues of oxblood and gold”.    That was enough to enchant me and persuade my purse strings to give in and indulge.  Everything in this holiday collection is encased in a luxurious gold casing (a colour I don’t typically find appealing unless in makeup), has the chic Burberry embossing and wonderfully lavish velvet pouches.  They also re-promoted their Lip Mist in Oxblood in the holiday-tastic gold.

The Burberry Complete Eye Palette – in No.25 Gold, is the limited edition eyeshadow quad released for the Gold Collection for Holiday 2014 and it is a knockout.  A festivity of rich neutrals that are sure to make your eyes sparkle and your makeup heart strings sing a Christmas melody!  This opulent Holiday offering comes in a soft velvet pouch (with the Burberry check) that houses three applicators that would be great in a time crunch (a sponge  applicator, a natural hair blending brush and an angled brush). 

The shadows are buttery smooth and pigmented, they aren’t pressed to tightly into the pan which allows the shadow to transfer to the brush effortlessly.  There is a little bit of full out with the lighter shades as they have the most shimmer but that can easily be fixed with a sweep of a brush under the eye or tapping the brush and lightly building the colour on the lid or by patting the shadow on the lid with a finger.   These shadows blended together really well and each look I have created turned out gorgeous and because it has a few darker shades you can really create some drama.

No.25 Gold, comes with a gorgeous warm chocolate brown with a matte base, interlaced with a finally milled shimmer which gives off an overall satin finish.  Next up there is a warm gold with a semi frosted finish, this is a shade that really embraces the ‘holiday feel’ and makes the lid look lush, like a pretty Christmas gift.  We then have a really unique shade, a frosted beige with olive green undertones.  To me this shade embodies the colour theory of the Burberry trench, the influence to their re-launch of their beauty line.  It is an understated shadow that looks so chic.  Because of its cool hues and the seasonal tones of the holiday collection, this needs a little warming up with the warm chocolate shade, as described above.  Lastly, we have a subtle beige with gold shimmer, and this beauty is like a refreshing snow flake to this richly coloured palette, great for an inner corner highlight or light wash over the lid.

Burberry didn’t stop there; they also created a breath taking highlighter, the Gold Glow Fragranced Luminising PowderI love, love, love this highlighter!  On my pale skin it is really complimentary and when sheered out slightly, it is uplifting and rejuvenating on the high points on the face.  This was packaged with a really interesting flat brush, with soft real hair bristles, I do find it is a little bit too dense for highlighting but would help to sculpt the cheeks.  Gold Glow, is once again unique in its colouring, a truly cool grey-beige powder with a conflicting warm gold shimmer.  It is a lot more shimmer heavy than something that would add a natural luminosity to the skin but the texture is so smooth and easy to blend and it really makes the face look and feel magnificent.  The scent is nothing offensive (but not something I would typically choose) and is very strong upon first application but isn’t something I found would linger on the skin for too long and makes this product all the more special.  
Lastly, we have Oxblood a Lip Mist (natural sheer lipstick).  At first glance Oxblood appears to be nothing special, another brick red, but it really is something worth having in your collection.  It is the perfect complement to this Holiday collection and is a red I can see myself getting a lot of wear of.  Oxblood is a sheer raspberry red with a creamy finish that can be built up to a deep opaque shade on the lips (opaque in 2-3 passes).  The Lip Mist has  a very nourishing formula with a thick balm like texture and a jelly bean like scent, which could be likened to the traditional power like scent of Dior or vintage makeups.  I find the scent does linger, which means it also leaves a taste to the mouth and I also find that because of the balm texture, Oxblood transfers throughout wear, leaving a subtle stain to the lips.  To make it last a little longer you can always blot with a tissue and mattifying powder or use a lip liner. 
If the packaging and overall presentation of the Burberry Gold Collection for Holiday 2014 wasn’t eye catching enough, each item is embossed, or pressed with the signature Burberry check or my Burberry writing, a subtle yet necessary step for a luxury brand.  I love each item and can see myself using everything quite regularly.  Burberry really outdid themselves, with this fantastically chic, modern take on a Holiday collection.

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