Friday, 21 November 2014

Have I got you blushing? - Milani Powder Blush

Hi Sweets, 
Today, I am going to do a quick review of Milani’s Rose Powder Blush.  Ok, let’s just get the obvious comment out the way…these blushes are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !  A beautiful pressed blush in the shape of a bloomed rose, encased in a rather sturdy plastic casing. 


These Milani Powder Blush, blushes are the first face product I have tried from Milani and although I can’t sit here and rave about the texture of these blushes, I can attest to their longevity of wear.  Milani really do a great job with packaging and even though the tones of the gold are a little ‘cheap’ looking, they really look charming on display.  I think the thickness of the plastic case is fantastic and will protect these beauties when travelling and their sturdiness also means they stack well in storage.  You also get a whopping 17g of product which is great!

Let’s talk a little about the formula.  When swathced or padded with a brush there is quite a bit of powder kick up, which instantly made me think these blushes would be chalky and hard to blend, but I was quite wrong.  These rosey stunners are super pigmented (please remember to tap your brush or you might look like a clown), blend like a dream and look so natural on the cheeks.  In fact, the colour of these really complimented the complexion and I did try these out on a friend with much darker skin than me (where talking NC42 to my NC13) and they looked just as natural.  Did I mention they were matte? No… well they are matte, so the fact that they blend and don’t just stick where you first lay them on the face really impressed me!  Even better both Coral Cove and Tea Rose, lasted really well on the cheeks (approx. 4 hours), before they started fading.  

Coral Cove is a striking……coral, haha.  There is no need to go over the top with colour descriptions here, as it really is true to its name.  A completely wearable coral, that builds into a really refreshing colour that invigorates the overall appearance of the face.  Tea Rose, is a muted pink or dusky pink, which pretty much are the same thing, it looks super sweet on the cheeks and I love pairing this with a bronzed face, simple eyes and matching or slightly pinker, pink lipstick (think Brave by Mac).

All in all, I would really recommend these blushes.  I am thinking of maybe getting one or two more, as I know there is a lovely nude colour that came out during their recent collection.  These are limited edition, but I can still get them online (as Milani is not sold in NZ, in store).

Have you tired these blushes or maybe Milani’s infamous Luminoso?  I really want to try that!  Please tell me your thoughts or any other recommendations you have for this brand.

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