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When nude becomes neutral!

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Let’s face it… we all have those days or special occasions when we don’t really give a *insert choice of naughtyness* and even though we want/feel the need to look presentable, we just don’t feel like putting in the regular effort.  For me that means I look to products that don’t take a lot of work or need hours of blending and aint nobody got time for the drama of winged liner (well not this girl anyway, haha).  I look for multi functioning products, particularly in the cheek department. 

Multi-purpose makeup is perfect for those days when you just can’t be bothered and this post has you covered when it comes to blush/bronzer products.  I chose my top 6 cheek products that work as both a bronzer and blush, adding a perfect amount of flush to the cheek and dimension to the face.  I have broken them up into nude type cheek products that give a hint of an uplifting flush, to the deep bronze tones that help to sculpt the face. 


Nude blushes are among some of my favourite, they eliminate the guess work when pairing the “right” blush, lip and eye colour combination and add a delicate dimension to the face.  What I consider to be nude blushes are colours that have subtle mauve or dusky hues, with subtle brown undertones, to which can give off a very slight shadow and add that lovely glow to the apple.

Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Blush – Exposed (Nude rosey pink):  Tarte, did an amazing job with this blush!  It was love at first swatch and quickly became a blush that I couldn’t stop using.  As the name suggests Exposed has a fantastic wear time, although I can’t attest to the 12hour claims, as I never wear makeup for that long.  Because of Exposed’ warm, brown notes it can both add colour to the face and add a really strong contour, without looking muddy.  This works perfect for both day and night and goes with every look/outfit.

Hourglass Blush – Mood Exposure (A warm mauve plum):  This is another wonderfully neutral blush that would look great on many skin tones.  Unlike Exposed, Mood Exposure adds an understated gleam to the skin and is very complimentary to the complexion.  This blush is beautiful at night or when paired with stronger eye looks.  As with all Hourglass products, this blends superbly and when applied slightly higher on the cheek bones heightens and lifts the face.

NYX Blush – Taupe (matte taupe):  A cult favourite for all makeup lovers, this is something that I have recently acquired but love.  The cool tones of the blush provide a serious contour, while the brown hues help to add colour to the face.  

Bronzed Goddess?

Ok, so I am never going to achieve that sculpted, bronzed goddess look with my round face but I can however, add colour and fake some shadows here or there and this is why I love, L-O-V-E bronzer/blush hybrids.
The Body Shop Baked Bronzer – One:  This beaut has appeared on the blog a few times and that is because its b-e-a-utiful!  For my skin tone this bronzer adds the perfect colour to my face, is super natural and  has a really great shimmer marbled within.  If you haven’t checked this out, you need to.

MAC Mineralize Blush – Warm soul:  This is a peach toned blush that has warm brown undertones.  I love the golden shimmer traced within it.  It isn’t my most pigmented of products but it can be built up into something quite striking.  The peachiness gives a lovely brightness to the face while the warmth, well warms the skin and can softly shape the face.

Soap and Glory – Solar powder:  We all have those products we go for when we don’t want to mess around and need to get the job done and this is one of those products.  This is a multi-shade product within itself, being a bronzer/highlighter duo.  For me the highlighter is way too dark so I swirl these two colours together and run it around the perimeter of the face and blend it up on the higher points of my cheeks.  If I feel I need to deepen the contour or bronze I go back into the darker colour and apply where needed.

There you have it, the run down on my 6 “ugh I better make an effort but don’t wanna” type of blush/bronze products.  What are yours? I would love to check some new items out.

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