Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Outfit - #anotsowhitechristmas

Hi Sweets, long time no talk….
I had to take an impromptu break from the blog last week, work was really busy, family arrived from overseas, I flew back home and general life.  But I’m back with another festive post and this time I am chartering unknown territory on ye ‘ol blog bringing you amazing readers, my first ever ‘fashion’ post.

This Christmas is really special for my family as we have family coming over from Oz and I get to meet my nephew, nieces and cousins for the first time!!!!  So I thought it would be really nice to put together a festive outfit and share some of the makeup I plan to use, although a little birdy (my brother) told me he got me a palette I really wanted, so I might make a few changes.
Nothing says Christmas like a lace navy blue dress, festive in colour, seasonally appropriate in material and the cut is modern and flirty.  I love this dress; it’s a little shorter than I thought it would be so I might change after the gift giving and family photos.  I am pairing this navy number with some simple opaque tights and black blazer.  Blazers go with everything and instantly make any outfit modern and chic (depending on the shoulder pads).
I also thought this was the best time to bring out my oh so santa-rific eyeshadow palette from Burberry.  No.25 Gold, has an amazing taupe and rich bronzy shadows which are perfect for creating a simple smoky eye and the beautiful highlight shade in the palette will open the eye and make it appear like actually got some sleep (which is pretty hard with Santa clattering on the roof)!  I will be dusting the stunning ‘greige’ highlighter to give my cheek bones a lift and brighten my overall complexion.  And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t have a red lip and with all the eating, sipping on spiced hot chocolate and laughing I am in definite need of a long lasting, vibrant red.  For that there is only one lip product that can do it all the (virtual drum roll) Rimmel Provocalpis in Kiss me you fool!  A super long wearing lipstain that is wonderfully opaque bold red lip that will withstand any candy cane or Christmas feast!
Next post I will bring you my first dupe blog post!  Hope you are having a great week so far!
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-Thanks, Rachill
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