Monday, 8 December 2014

DIY Spiced Hot Chocolate - #ANotSoWhiteChristmas

Hi Sweets, 

Whether you are experiencing a cold winter or the heat of early summer there is always one festive drink that most people are happy to indulge in, year round.  Today I am sharing with you a decadently spiced hot chocolate, perfect for cosying up with a warm blanket and good movie or unwinding and pampering yourself with a good face mask and some air conditioning.

With only 5 ingredients you can transport yourself a world away to a winter wonderland, as you sip on your very own Cinnamon infused Hot Chocolate.  I have made enough for a large single serve (414ml), so you can either double the deliciously festive concoction for someone else or divvy it up into two smaller portions.  Optional ingredients are squirty cream and marshmallows and a cute Christmassy phone case (as pictured).

When I first made this drink I immediately thought of one of my favourite Seasonal Movies, Santa Claus.  He always had the most amazing looking hot chocolate, so I thought why not make my own?  Let’s begin.

>> First you will need to simmer the cream, milk, vanilla pod and cinnamon sticks, on a medium to low heat for a good 15 minutes.  Keep a close eye that the milk doesn’t catch on the bottom of your pan and stir occasionally.  As the milk is steeped you should being to smell a heavenly sweet spice.

>> While the milk is being infused cut up your chocolate into small chunks and have a wee nibble, as taste testing is very important :)

>> After approx 15mins remove the pod and sticks and add the chocolate ( I used dairy milk but dark chocolate would be amazing).  Stir and turn your heat to its lower setting.  If you want a really strong cinnamon flavour leave the sticks in until serving.  Once the chocolate is completely dissolved, remove the milk from the heat and stir for a further 4 minutes, or until the texture is smooth and velvety (the texture will vary according to the temperature of your milk, as well as the quality of the chocolate). 

>> Simply serve and enjoy.
 What is one of your favourite festive drinks or sweets?  I would love to hear what you like to indulge in!

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-Thanks, Rachill

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