Thursday, 11 December 2014

Rimmel Provocalips Kissproof Lip Colours

Hi Sweets, 
Liquid lipsticks are something that I love.  Usually they claim to be long wearing and budge proof and the Rimmel Provocalips Kissproof Lip Colours are no different, stating this liptastic product has 16 hour wear!!

 I love a good bold lip but dislike the maintenance that can come along with wearing vibrant pinks and bold reds.   The Provocalips offer the wearer a comfortable lip product that not only looks stunning on the lips, but also stays put without any fuss throughout wear.
The simplicity of the doe foot applicator means they apply very easily, being able to control the intensity of colour and overall shape/contour of the lip.  I had no issues slightly ‘over lining’ my lips with the applicator and was able to get a precise, clean line.  On first application (step one), the lip colour feels slightly tacky on the lips and doesn’t set completely.  To ensure the lip colour doesn’t smear over the face (unless you want to go for that look) all ya need to do is apply the sealant (step two) and that’s it easy as 1, 2…   The sealant not only provides a lovely creamy finish to the lips, but also locks this liquid lipstick in place and when I say locks it in place I mean it.  This sucker isn’t going anywhere!!  I didn’t wear either of the shades I got for 16hours but I did eat, drink and test it out fr 5 hours and when I checked how Kiss me you fool was wearing I was stunned ( $14NZ). 

2 hours in, it looked as good as it did on first application, bold, clean lines and completely opaque,  I was so impressed.  5 hours later I was just as impressed and noticed only a litter wear on the inner most part of my mouth but nothing noticeable to someone who isn’t a beauty addict ;P

The only thing that I found frustrating about this product was removing it and to be completely honestly I wasn’t that bothered (as I had heard countless times that the Provocalips are incredibly hard to remove).  You will absolutely need a cleansing oil and makeup remover and a lip scrub would come in handy too.

I will definitely be getting some more!  If the overall opacity and colour application isn’t enough to entice you, maybe the long wear is.  No lip liners or touch ups necessary and no lipstick on the teeth moments!

Have you tried this?  What do you think of them?  Are you a liquid lipstick kind of makeup lover?

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-Thanks, Rachill

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