Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Charlotte Tilbury filmstar bronze & glow - A review

Hi Sweets,
Two week s ago I was on here raving about Charlotte Tilbury (see here) and mentioned a wee feature post of one of my favourite products from ‘The Haul’.  So, today I am bringing you a featurette on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow – Face Sculpt & Highlight Palette. 

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place start… When it comes to high-end makeup there is one thing that I think is a key element and that is the packaging.  There are so many incredible and affordable beauty products, that there has to be something that really sets said makeup brand apart from the rest and to me Charlotte Tilbury has done the most amazing job!!  From the rose gold detailing, warm chocolate tones of the packaging, the vintage feel of each item and her signature star printed on most of the products, every aspect of her beauty line encompasses that luxurious and decadent feel that you should expect from a more expensive makeup brand.  (To me each item is display worthy.)

The Filmstar Bronze and Glow, is of no expectation and really blew me away when I opened it.  Each facet of the boxing was completely original and has some sculpt worthy messages embossed throughout.  The compact itself sports classic rose gold detailing with a lovely design and embellishment and holds a good amount of product and a really good sized mirror.  Even better the palette size is both practical and sturdy.

Each powder is pressed and embossed and has a pearlescent finish. The powders are smooth and velvety and blend flawlessly.  The pigmentation is great and can be quite intense, but with a light hand or a fluffier brush you can achieve a very subtle, diffused look.

Sculpt – the undertone of the scuplt is neither too warm nor too cool.  It is an interesting shade as it has a slight warm rosey look, but still pulls cool.  Sculpt, has an understated micro shimmer that doesn’t detract from its sculpting abilities and can be used to frame and warm the face.  I found the finish to be really natural, which is tricky to do on my round pale face.  (I knew I had cheekbones hiding somewhere).

Highlight – is a stunning champagne/beige with gold micro shimmer, that really creates a radiant glow, rather than sparkle.  Once again it blends really well and gives the complexion a healthy luminous look.

I am still building up my CT collection and would love some recommendations, so please let me know what you think I should try out next!!  Also I would love to know what you have treated yourself to, recently?! 

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