Sunday, 18 January 2015


Hi Sweets,
Chanel is one of my weaknesses! With their glamorous packaging, classic colours, chic finishes and timeless looks, they are a makeup brand that I will always love and don’t mind indulging in!

Their spring collection was no exception and this time they came out with some stunning offerings!  This Collection was “inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep.”  I got two of the garden inspired enchantments and am incredibly impressed with both the quality of the products itself, as well as how each item mimics the unpredictability and blossoming nature that is spring.  Also can we take a minute to mention the presentation!  Not only is this one of the most stunning blushes I have E-V-E—RRRR seen!!  The pressed powder looks like a sweet rose garden, as does the colour and tones of the blush, right down to the beautiful shimmer pressed within this spectacular product (even the box mimics the colour)! Amazing!!

The star of the collection has to be the embossed beauty that is Jardin De Chanel – Blush Camelia Rose ($101NZD)!  A seasonal blush that is teeming with sunlight, vibrancy and a pastel iridescence (a fine pearlescent shimmer) that is both fresh and feminine.  The pressed powder mimics that of a duo, with two shades of pink.  A rose toned pink that can deepen the cheeks and the light pink a more pastel, which livens up the look.  Camelia Rose, also has a rose scent throughout the powder that doesn’t linger too long on the face, it reminds me of a less heavy scented potpourri.  Overall, this blush is incredibly invigorating and really compliments the idea of an energetic spring collection.

Next up I got a lip product surprise, surprise.  I really enjoy the Rogue Allure Velvet formula from Chanel, and when I saw the colour 49-La Petillante I knew I had to have it.  La Petillante ($61 NZD), is an interesting coral red, with warm berry undertones and screams spring/summer.  The colour is crisp and evokes a very cheerful, spring like feel to it, while also being vernal and bold.  La Petillante, has a light-weight texture, is opaque and lasts for approximately 5 hours and reapplies really well.  I did discover that the shade 46-La Malicieuse is an almost exact dupe, however the undertones are slightly different, with 45 having more red.  La Petillante, has quite quilky become my go to lipstick, as it so versatile and can transition from day to night flawlessly!  I also find that my lips look plump and luscious in this shade and I really like this effect. 

I love this collection and am excited although a little sad to dip my brush into the beautiful rose pattern of  Camelia Rose, so this may become a special occasion blush haha.

I haven’t got many Chanel blushes yet, are there you would recommend?  I would love to try some more out!  Also as you can see, this wee selection was Cookie approved hehe.

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