Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Heart shaped lipstick?

Hi Sweets, 
Every once and awhile you stumble across a gem that isn’t hyped on YouTube and hasn’t been overdone on blogs and I have definitely done that.  Unsurprisingly, it is a lipstick…that really impressed me and if you can get your hands on them they are definitely worth a try. 

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipsticks, are a heart shaped lip product with a super cute tin like tubing/casing with great colour pay off.  As the name suggests they are very hydrating, with a smooth formula that is jam packed with oils such as olive oil, sweet orange oil and grapefruit oil!  So not only do these heart shaped beauties provide a wonderful pigment, they also condition the lips throughout wear and look and feel nourished all the while having a beautiful creamy finish. 

 “Holika Holika was founded in Korea in March 2010 and launched in Canada
in June 2012.  The vision of Holika Holika is to provide fun practical cosmetic products to customers and make themselves look more beautiful.”

As I mentioned these moisture giving treasures deliver a fantastic payoff, look good as a wash of colour and are opaque (after 3 passes) but don’t look or feel too heavy on the lips.  One thing to note is that although they are opaque the colour is not intense; it’s more a subtle coverage, which like the packaging looks really lovely, fresh and feminine.

Baby beige BG401 -  this is a true milky beige with a warm pink undertone.  It is just warm enough that it doesn’t give me the concealer look and is great ombre’d with the other the shades.
Pink Love PK121 – Pink Love is an interesting candied pink with a cool tone purple base.  It really livens up the complexion and is perfect for day.
Candy Red RD804 – this is a really beautiful orange toned red, almost coral with lovely warm undertones.  It is the most pigmented lipstick of the three and wears very graciously.

Due to their moisturising properties the Heartful Moisture Lipsticks don’t last a very long time on the lips and transfer very easily, but are great for a quick catch up with a friend or running errands.  I also like the heart shape and find it fits nicely in my cupids bow, but this feature won’t last after a decent amount of use.  All in all, these are an amazing under hyped product that look gorgeous on the lips and equally as sweet in packaging.  I got my from and recommend these for on the go!

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