Friday, 2 January 2015

XO BEAUTY lash review - my new beauty secret

Hi Sweets,
Lashes… dun dun dun dunnnn, the one beauty product that sends many a makeup enthusiast running in the other direction.  Not because they are a horrible product or ruin makeup looks, quite the opposite really, but because they are super intimidating.  We are talking Regina George intimidating… at least for me anyway.  Well that was until I found my holy grail lashes!!

For a long time I had shied away from wearing lashes because when I first tried wearing them I just couldn’t do it, the outer corner would fly off; the glue stuck all my lashes together, the inner part of the lash? forget about it and the nobody ever talks about the smell of lash glue (ew)!!  So I decided why bother, I don’t really need to wear false lashes (as I naturally have quite long lashes) and I have a few amazing mascaras that really give the falsies effect.  That was until recently and I just couldn’t resist any longer and caved, making a small purchase from the XOBEAUTY website.  I looked at all the amazing lashes and was pretty overwhelmed but really liked the look of the two corner lashes available, not only did they look like they would make the eyes flirty and elongated but they were also less threatening (WIN!).

I got 2 pairs of both The Flirt and The Flower Child and some Duo lash glue and when they arrived I was really impressed with the overall presentation, packaging, lash quality and flexibility of the lash band, and this was before I even attempted application.  Each set of the falsies come in a sweet polka dot package, with the signature XOBEAUTY branding, as well as a really nice message on the back.  They are impeccably made, have a thin, durable clear lash band and I have managed 8 wears from one pair lashes so far, to which I have carefully cleaned after each use and avoided putting mascara on.
I found application incredibly easy and as I have worn them more, I have become more confident and am even thinking of ordering full lashes.  All I do is apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band, wait for 30 seconds and use a good set of tweezers to apply and adjust.  Also my biggest tip:  go in with confidence, lashes can sense fear :P  Both sets of lashes transformed my eye look and made an already complete makeup, all the more complete.  My eyes looked fluttery, subtly sultry and gave both lift and volume to the overall lash and eye.  I even sported The Flirt with nothing but a very natural smoky eye, no liner or mascara and the effect was amazing!  I am in love and can now understand the addiction of lashes!! 

XOBEAUTY ships internationally and are very affordable!  Shaaanxo should be really proud of her products ( I also really like her brushes) and I am happy to support a fellow kiwi and beauty lover.

What are your secret makeup weapons?  Do you have any tips or tricks I should try out when applying a full set of falsies? -  a video of Shannon trying on all her lashes

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