Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Out with the old in with the new // Blog deisgn

Hi Sweets, 
Today I am doing a quick post all about my new blog design.  I can’t take any credit for the coding or snazzy layout but, I will take a pat on the back for choosing a pretty sweet template.

When I first started my blog I knew nothing about template design, coding, html etc and to be honest I still am a novice when it comes to this.  I watched endless YouTube tutorials and read countless blogging tips and understood enough to create a few page buttons and simple images that would whisk you away to  ‘about me’ sections and my social media links.  I am still interested in upskilling in these areas so if you have any recommendation of blogs to read or channels to watch, please link them in the comments! 

I had wanted to update my blog for a good 3 months.  I wanted it to look more cohesive, streamline, modern and represent me, as a blogger a lot more.  I know I could have worked it out eventually (I am pretty resilient when it comes to doing things for myself), but my busy schedule kinda screwed me over and life gave me a big f**k you, so now I am swamped with a lot of ‘homework’ to do (#teacherlife).  I started the hunt of reliable, well recommended template designers and stumbles across Pipdig.  I was instantly hit with bloggers envy as I paroosed the simple, yet very me templates.  Not a day after looking at all the designs there was a blogger chat on NZbloggers, all about branding, design, what makes a good blog etc and I found myself wondering “what does my blog say about me?”.  I didn’t really love the answer and even though I was sooo proud of what I had figured out through html and coding, I wanted a little spruce up!

So for $49USD, I placed an order and have now entered the realm of customised blog design and it feels goooooood.  I love how quick and easy the purchase of the template was and also really like how you could preview a live demo of each premade blog design.  I got confirmation of purchase immediately and about 5 minutes later the receipt and link was sent to me.  The instruction manual took all of 5 minutes to read (do make sure you read this first), backup-ed my old design and installed my new one.  I chose the MINIM design, a “modern, monochrome, minimal template, that allows your photos and posts to take centre stage”, exactly what I wanted! 

All in all the intsallitaion from reading the instructions to uploading took 15 minutes, everything was so straightforward and user friendly and the customer service was great (I had contacted them prior to buying to see if I needed any html knowledge).  If you are looking to upgrade, this is an excellent and affordable website/design hub!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!  As always thanks for stopping by, please follow my blog using tab on the left if you like, I would love you to join the Sweet family;)
-Thanks, Rachill

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