Sunday, 8 March 2015

Autumn Edit // The Burberry Face

Hi Sweets, 
Autumn is here and this year I’ve been feeling light to medium bases that have a natural glow to them.  I haven’t worn full coverage anything for a long time now!  Some of that has to do with my skincare (which I will be sharing next week), as well as the fact that I don’t like the feeling of my skin suffocating underneath the ‘cement’ that is Estee Lauders Double Wear (for example).

When I actually wear makeup, which as I have mentioned before is usually in the weekends, I want something that will meet a few simple requirements.  1.  A sheer but buildable base 2.  Lasts at least 4 hours before it needs touch ups and 3.  Makes my skin look healthy.  I have quite a few foundations that meet these requirements but lately I have been favouring my Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench no.03 and the Fresh Glow Nude Radiance in no.01.

Burberry Sheer Foundation – this foundation is right up there with my favourite foundations which are Bourjois Healthy Mix and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua!  The Sheer Foundation has a sheer luminous formula that instantly gives the skin that ‘lit from within’ look that everyone talks about.  It has the whole ‘no makeup, makeup’ thing down , but still manages to perfect the skin in a very subtle, natural way.  I prefer the coverage I can get with a brush, particularly the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage brush, as it blends the foundation really well and builds the coverage up where needed, like my rosy cheeks and scarring, (we can thank face demons for those).  As the name suggests it is sheer but you can build it up a few layers before it looks cakey but, if you do have any major things to cover I would go in with a concealer first.  The only thing I don’t love about this foundation is the colour, I did a lot of online research before choosing my colour and even then its probably a trench to dark.  Most of the colours are quite pinky and I prefer neutral or yellow undertones, so to get the perfect colour I mix it with a lighter foundation (Revlon Nearly Naked in 120).  I find that the Burberry Sheer Foundation lasts on my normal to combo skin for a good 4 hours, before I need to touch up with a powder.

Burberry Fresh Glow Nude Radiance – this is like sunlight in a bottle.  A miracle worker when your skin is feeling a little dull, one pump of this over the skin and POW you're instantly refreshed.  Whenever I wear the Nude Radiance, I feel like I am applying some kind of magical product that makes it look like I actually got a good night sleep or something to that effect.  It adds an incandescent glow that shines subtly through any base and looks amazing under the Sheer Foundation.  It is pearlescent rather than glittery and has a light weight texture that blends so smoothly and does a great job of "waking up” the face.  These two are a match made in makeup heaven.  You can wear this as a primer, mix it in with your base or use it like a liquid highlighter.  I like to use it with my current primer (see review here).
To finish off my Autumn-Burberry inspired face, I like to dust over the Burberry Sheer Powder in Porcelain no.02 in the T-zone.  This powder looks so natural on the face and gives a velvety skin like appearance and does a great job at setting the makeup.  I also used the Warm Glow in Nude Glow no.03 to give the face some natural colour and contour.  Nude Glow is a matte brown, which provides a natural sun kissed look to the face, as it has an orange undertone.

What are some of your go to bases?  I am always on the lookout for a new foundation.  Have you been using any combinations that have become your go to? 
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