Thursday, 5 March 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix + Lippie Pencils // pt.2

Hi Sweets, 
There isn’t much more I can say about how good ColourPop Cosmetics, they are a high end product for an affordable price (see my other posts here, here and here.  All their products have fantastic colour payoff, build really well, are long wearing and the packaging is sleek and modern, with a girly touch.  The quality and textures are consistent throughout their product range and that isn’t a claim I can make for many brands.  So when I placed my most recent order for their Super Shock Cheek colours, I of course ordered some of their Lippie Stix and matching Lippie Pencils (I also got the Megan Naik quad). 

Cookie (matte) – Cookie is a true nude with brown/beige tones.  It is super opaque and is really comfortable on the lips.

Bound (glossy) – This is an amazing nude or natural colour.  Bound is a light pink nude, with just enough of brown undertones that I don’t look washed out.  It has creamy finish and feels a little bit thicker in texture, than the mattes.  Bounds Lippie Pencil is a lot darker in tone (more brown) and allows you to deepen the overall colour, as well as overdraw your lips in a subtle way.
Pony (satin) – Pony is a vibrant blue based pink, with lavender undertones.  I meant to order Wifeyas I have been wanting a lavender lipstick but added Pony by mistake. However, after swatching and wearing Pony, I am really glad I got it.  There is enough lavender tones and the Lippie Pencil also has a vibrant lavender/pink hue and the pair work perfectly together.

Go Fish (hyper glossy) – Go Fish is a red/coral with hints of pink and can be sheered out for a more subtle pop of colour.  As you can see in the swatch the hyper glossy formula has an incredible sheen and makes the lips look fuller and juicy (*cringe* at use of word).  I wasn’t sure if I would like this finish but I really do.  Like the glossy finish, Go Fish feels a little thicker on the lips but still is comfortable and has a shit tone of colour pay off.  On my lips Go Fish lasts 3 hours, with eating and drinking and wore gracefully.

Trixie (satin) -  Trixie is a medium red with pink undertones.  As with all the satin finishes the texture is smooth, long wearing and is opaque after two passes.  Trixie, is one of those colours that really livens up the complexion and is a refreshing addition to my collection.

Frenchie (matte) – Frenchie, is the shizz!! A vivid orange based red, incredibly rich in colour and completely full coverage.  This is very similar to the Lady Dangers and Moranges of the lipstick world and I love it.  My only complaint is that the texture on this is a bit different to my other matte Lippie Stix’, it doesn’t feel as smooth and I definitely need to add lip balm before wearing it to ensure my lip lines don’t show.

I will no doubt get more in the future for $5US you can’t really beat it.  What lip products have you been loving recently?  Are you going to make any purchases from CPop? Or have you and what do you think?

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