Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Stila Eyes Are The Window (mind) // Review

Hi Sweets, 
You know that saying there’s something about Mary, and even though no one can really explain what that something is, we all understand what that saying means?  Well that’s how I feel about matte eye shadows. 

I can’t explain it, but for whatever reason I always ahmm… ‘need’ more and use them more than any other shadow. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still slap on some glitter or use a shimmer/satin shade like the best of them, but I always go back to a good ‘ol matte. So, I am sure can imagine how I happy I was when Stila came out with their new shadow palettes. I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but I finally caved after many motivational talks such as “you don’t need this, you can get it cheaper online, you have so many palettes, or simply shit girl get a grip and f**king walk away!”.  But alas, instant gratification and that amazing burnt orange shade that is Perception, won over common sense and I forked out a hefty $79 at Mecca.

The Stila Eyes Are The Window – Mind palette, is an all matte palette with a unique choice of neutrals that range from soft cool tones, to rich warm colours that really stand out in a neutral lovers collection.  The packaging is sleek and sturdy and looks quite luxe, comes with a great sized mirror and the 12 shadows are named on the back in a gird.  Mind is both a stand-alone palette, as well as a selection of complimentary eye shadows that will finish off or enhance any look you might be doing.  I kinda see it as 3 categories, highlight and lid, blending and crease shadows and outer v and smoky shades.
Formulation:  Now this is when I stop raving about the palette.  Colour selection is really important, but performance is essential whether you pay $5 or $79 in my opinion.  Overall, I find the shadows to work well with each other over a primer, they are smooth and buildable, but the consistency of quality does vary and there are some lack lustre shadows.  Imagination is a lot softer and kicks up a lot of powder and Observation swatches terribly, is pressed almost too densely into the pan and needs to be layered to get any kind of significant colour pay off.  Similarly the 2 darkest shades (Reason and Thinker), perform like traditional mattes where the texture is a little patchy, and need to built up to achieve an opaque rich colour.

I do really enjoy this palette despite having a few issues with some of the shadows, nothing a good primer or the trusty MAC 217 can’t fix.  I cannot get enough of Understanding, Perception and Intellect and I would suggest getting it from beautybay as it is slightly cheaper.  Have you tired any of the Stila palettes?  Which one/s do you like?  Or be my enabler and share some of your favourite shadows:)
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