Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hourglass modernist eyeshadow palette // Monochrome review and swatches

Hi Sweets, 
These palettes flaunt five complementary shades of soft and airy, finely-milled formulas in a curated selection of shades, finishes, and texture. Designed with the innovative multi-press technique, each palette features an array of finishes from matte to shimmer for a number of looks with depth and dimension. Available in seven unique and wearable color palettes, these shadows are exceptionally buildable in color, giving you unprecedented control over the intensity of your look.
When I first heard about the release of the hourglass modernist palettes, I like most avid beauty collectors/enthusiasts was immediately excited and intrigued about these chic pressed rivers of eye shadow. I then began reading and watching reviews and was shocked at just how polarised the opinions of each writer/presenter were.  Some thought they were the best thing they had tried, others thought they lacked in the overused term 'pigmentation', all mentioned the fall out and most appreciated the colour diversity (despite their negative or positive feelings).  So I decided against buying online and waited for them to be released in the NZ market at Mecca 

At first glance I thought they were quite small for the price but adored the packaging and pattern pressed into the shadows.  I was also really pleased with the colour and selection of finishes offered in each palette, as they are a neutral lovers dream.  I then pulled three aside (monochrome, obscura and exposure) and began to swatch.  
First impressions: 
Powdery? Yes, there is some definite fall out and depending on what kind of brush you use or if you're a bit of an eye shadow bully this could potentially be frustrating and might mean that some of the shadows may 'invade' its neighbouring shadow.  I found that the textures are consistent, smooth and blendable and each colour provides good colour payoff.  A base or primer is definitely going to assist you in achieving an evenly blended look and ensure that the shadows don't look patchy and the different finishes such as the shimmer shades aren't chunky and produce a delicious sheen and glow to eye. 

The monochrome palette provides an interesting rose/blush toned palette, with an exciting peach toned nude shadow and rich mauvey, pink shimmer shade that looks stunning on the mobile lid.  The highlight and definition shadows are matte and are creamy in texture and blend nicely, providing a luxurious wash of colour.  I chose this palette over exposure, but when I earn enough beauty loop points I will no doubt go and get that too!

Final thoughts: 
Please, please tap off your brush and be gentle with these softly packed colour powders.  They are delicate shadows that create rich, punchy eye looks of subtle neutral tones.  The colour combinations and finishes are like said a wonderful array of natural colours with slight pops of interest.  When used with a primer, the shadows do not crease and last a good 5.5 hours before any fading begins.  The packaging is modern and unique enough and I find that the colours differ just enough from the large amount of palettes I have in my collection already.  

I really like this range of palettes and am thinking I might splurge for another one.  Have you tired them or are you going to? I would definitely recommend switching first before buying one, because everyone's ideal formula is different.
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