Saturday, 23 May 2015

ColourPop 'In Bloom' Collaboration // A Review

Hi Sweets,
If you’re new to my blog let me introduce myself…  My name is Rachill and I am a ColourPop junkie.  I have reviewed a lot of their goodies (see here, here, here and here) and completely believe they deserve the hype that their products generate!  I have trialled everything they offer (except for their bronzers) and love everything I own.  My only complaint is that some of my super shock shadows and super shock cheeks have come apart from their pottles during transit, but that hasn't affected the performance of each item. 
This post is all about the Jamie GreenbergIn Bloom collaboration and although it embodies the colours indicative to summer and spring, I find that these colours are universal enough to be used during autumn and winter and if I’m honest I really don’t give into seasonal makeup ‘rules’.  The In Bloom collab comes in at an affordable$39US and this collection is the prefect gateway drug into the intoxicating world that is ColourPop.
Let’s break it down:
This collab comes with 2 super shock cheek colours, which are to dye for and 1 highlighter.  These cheek products are amazeballs (that’s a good description right??).  The super shock cheeks blend on the skin really easily and can be built into a bold pop of colour on the cheek or sheered out into a more natural flush.  As you would expect from a spring collection the colours are vibrant, fresh and really liven up the complexion and the highlight-Double Dip which is quite a unique peachy-champagne, instantly adds a natural light/glow to the face.  I do find that I if you have any texture or pores on the skin (which I have) that the blushes slightly accentuate these ‘flaws’, so I recommend the use of a smoothing primer, but on the bright side each face product lasts for at least 6 hours before fading on my normal to combo skin.  (Tip:  I like to use a stippling brush like the E.L.F small stipple face brush, as its dense enough to slowly build the colour).

In Bloom, also comes with 3 Lippie Stix in a cream finish.  I was really excited to swatch these lipsticks as the colours looked amazing, the perfect combination of wearable yet bold.  Jamie, did an excellent job creating 3 lip colours that perfectly compliment their ‘partnering’ shade, as well as being diverse enough for each colour to be peered with any blush/cheek combination.  As with all of ColourPop’s Lippie Stix these 3 colours are rich in colour, but do need to be built up to get an opaque colour.  Jamie suggests dabbing the lip colour on the lips for more of a stained, lived in look which also looks great and also helps the colour to last longer on the lips.  Sweet Thing, is considered the ‘nude’ of the 3 and it is a really refreshing diversion from the current rosey brown nude trend and looks stunning patted on the lips with a lip liner like Boldy Bare from Mac.  I did notice that they don’t smell as good as my first orders from ColourPop, there is a definite chemical smell fighting hard to be masked by a more synthetic cake/vanilla scent and although it’s a little off putting the smell doesn’t last for too long.  I find that this formula lasts for around 4 hours with light eating or drinking.

If you haven’t yet tired any of ColourPop’s makeup this is a great set to try out and if like me, you enjoy their stuff a little too much it’s a great addition.  Have you got your eye on anything in particular?  What is your favourite product you have tired?
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