Saturday, 2 May 2015


Hi Sweets,
When I first started using makeup I had no idea makeup brushes even existed!  I thought the tools needed to slap on this new and transformative ‘stuff’ was the classic triangular makeup sponge, the puff that came in my Maybelline dream matte powder and the sponge tip applicators were all I needed when adding a little grey to the lower lash line, stark white to the inner corner and champagne to the lid (and if the eyeshadow I used didn’t come with an applicator, a cotton bud would work just fine!).  As I become more interested in makeup and developing any sort of ‘technique’ I was introduced to the weird and wonderful world of brushes!  Did you know there was more than one kind of eye brush *mind blown*

 If you are any sort of makeup addict/lover/enthusiast (insert noun here), you would have heard of Zoeva.  Their rose gold brushes have been coveted and raved about so much that I couldn’t help but, also become a little… ok a lot intrigued and when I ‘accidently’ found myself on their website I, in a makeup lovers flurry ended up purchasing  their complete rose gold eye set vol.2 (12 piece set).  The brushes arrived in a lovely rose gold clutch, with copper/rose gold toned metal detailing and a sturdy acrylic brush holder with a rose gold applique (which came with the set I ordered).  

The quality of these bad boys are f***king phenomenal.  When I first ‘felt them up’ I was a little concerned they weren’t going to live up to the hype as they felt a little stiff, not the soft fluffy brushes I was imagining.  However, once washed they were soft, kept their shape and even better didn’t shed!  Each brush is made impeccably with a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles, have a durable yet light weight wooden handle, rose gold imprinting and a rose gold farrell, with the Zoeva emblem printed, they feel like luxury.
142/Concealer buffer [synthetic] = this brush is perfect for adding a strong punch of colour as the bristles are quite dense and is perfect when using cream shadows, such as the ColourPop Super Shock shadows. 

221/Luxe soft crease [natural] = this brush is super soft and is faultless when defusing the crease or lightly blending out edges. 

227/Luxe soft definer [natural] = the infamous duper for MAC’s 217.  I wouldn’t call it a dupe, rather a close family relative that is really good, but will never achieve the same notoriety as its superior counterpart.  It blends well, applies colour to the lid well, it does everything well, but I will always love the MAC 217 more.

228/Luxe crease brush [natural] = another blending brush (there are a lot of blending brushes in this set).  This is a great brush when you want to blow out a colour or make a smoky eye and do it fast, blends like a dream and transitions colour with ease. 
230/Luxe pencil [natural] = I love this brush, it is my favourite of the set!  It blends colour on the lower lash line like no other. It can be used with powders, creams and kohl’s and bonus it’s really good to use for detailing work too!

231/Luxe petit crease [natural] = if you love a smoky eye, you need this brush!  It defines and emphasises the crease and because of its tapered tip, it’s precise enough to really control the shape of the outter v.

232/Luxe classic shader [natural] = this applies shadows to the lid evenly and can build colour nicely.

235/Contour shader [synthetic] = I haven’t used this brush that much, but it is a great shape to apply brow bone highlight.
238/Luxe precise shader [natural] = I love this brush for adding inner corner highlight.

310/Spot liner [synthetic] = this shit is small!! We’re talking a micro brush here.  I rarely use liner so haven’t used this brush, but its dense, compact and I would imagine you could get a really crisp application of gel liner with his brush.

322/Brow line [synthetic] = this is a great multipurpose brush.  It can define the brows and provide a soft liner look too!  It’s a great addition to the set.

325/Luxe brow light [natural] = this is my second favourite brush, it is a big, wide set shader brush that lays brow highlight down perfectly.  It’s slightly denser than the other shader brushes and therefore, picks up the perfect amount of shadow to swiftly and efficiently highlight!  Love!

I am really impressed with these brushes!  They rival my Bobbi Brown and Mac brushes and help me to achieve some really good eye looks.  I definitely feel like my ‘eye game’ has improved.  I am waiting on the 8 piece to arrive and can’t wait to try out their face brushes.  Have you got any of these brushes? What ones are your favourites?
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