Sunday, 21 June 2015

New in // A haul

Hi Sweets,
I am currently doing my best to limit my spending when it comes to beauty.  With the never ending limited addition collections and new products coming out constantly its almost f#@king impossible to save money (well I'm speaking about myself and my amazing lack of self-control when it comes to all things makeup).  So naturally I am bringing you a haul… a very small, modest haul but still a haul #whatisadultlife. 

Beautybliss, is a website that I have wasted"invested" quite a lot of money in.  They carry some great brands, have reasonable prices, amazing customer service and this order came with a complimentary chocolate, which totally justified my purchases... Right?.  Any company that gives away complimentary chocolates are worth every penny spent if you ask me and munching away while looking through all my new loot, definitely nulled that pesky inner adult voice who says "you didn't need another lipstick".  I love everything I got, so let's get hauling! 

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick “Redrum” - The pigment is strong with this one.  Shit! Was my initial reaction when first applying Redrum.  With one swipe you can pretty much evenly coat your lips in a glorious Snow White red, this is an amazing liquid lipstick!  The applicator has a curved doe foot that mimics the contours of the lip and the dry time slightly varies depending on how many coats you apply, but in general you have about 30 seconds to fix any mistakes and even the colour and within 2 minutes it is basically transfer proof.  As with all liquid lipsticks Redrum has great wear time, is slightly drying and is easily removed with an oil cleanser and some micellar water.  I don't typically go for the more fun colours that Star offers, but I'm considering getting a nude.  Let me know what you think of these lipsticks if you have tired ‘em out! 

Hurraw lip balm “Chocolate” - This lip balm is an amazing balm that hydrates the lips and heels all that nasty peeling you might suffer if like me you walk to work in cold, moisture sucking autumn mornings.  It's also a really good pre "going to use a lipstick that's gonna fuck up my lips" conditioner and prevents a chapped mouth.  It's also vegan (like the velour lipstick) and smells/tastes delicious.  It is completely worth the 6ish dollars I paid.

The balm “Balm Dessert” - This is a great pinky based brown/bronze face powder that pulls slightly cool with a light giving gold sheen running throughout.  I use Balm Dessert, more as a blush, it provides a neutral almost sun kissed glow to the skin and is in the same vain as Tarte’s exposed - a great nude blush that can be used in the crease, a slight contour or to warm complexion. 

Organic surge “First Class Mask” - I got this mask because all my other masks are clay based and focus on cleaning out pores or exfoliating the skin.  The First Class mask cleanses the skin and has marshmallow which is amazing at calming down pimples, as it acts as an anti-inflammatory.   This mask has a smooth creamy texture that leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean, it doesn't tighten the skin or pull out oils like clay masks, but rather helps to moisturise and replenish the skin and has anti-ageing properties.
What have you been loving recently? Any products that should be on my covet list?

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