Sunday, 5 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyes // A review

Hi Sweets, 
Makeup Revolution has really carved out their spot in the beauty world as the place to shop for quality dupes with affordable prices and although I have only ever swatched the Stilla magnificent metals, I think Awesome Metals by Revolution are super close.

The Awesome Metal’s Foil Finish (rose gold) eyeshadows are a cream-like product that are jam packed with a long wearing, rich coloured formula.  Texturally they are comparable to the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows as they have a buttery, moosey consistency and great wear time.  Each Awesome Metal comes in a small kit with a foiled shadow, mixing tray and a transforming solution that turns the creamy shadow into more of a metal like pigment that kind of helps it to set in to a long lasting shadow, that won’t crease and maintains a more ‘foiled’ finish throughout wear.

How it works:  I use a dense synthetic flat shader brush to apply the Foil Finish shadows. I use the spade like shape of the shader brush to scoop out a small amount of the ‘Foil’ to put on the mixing tray and then add roughly two drops of the mixing solution and mix.  I suggest doing one eye at a time and then repeating the mixing process again.  I prefer the using the Awesome Metals with a primer as I have found that this helps the shadow to last longer, stops creasing and the shadow stays opaque.  After I have applied a primer, I will then add the Awesome Metal in layers, to get the most colour pay off.  Another tip I have is to add your crease colours first and when the foiled shadow is set lightly blend out the edges with a fluffy brush.  Add a few generous coats of mascara and boom, you’re done!!   In the photo I used Mac’s Painterly, as this is my usual primer on one eye, I found that after 6 hours of wear, the unprimed eye looked slightly creased, some of the shadow had flaked off a little and the colour seemed only slightly less metallic. 

I have really loved using these shadows, they are great for nights out or special occasions, have you used the Awesome Metal’s Foil Finish eyeshadows, what did you think of them?

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